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NCAA insider reveals who will take Caitlin Clark’s place as the new face of women’s college basketball in 2024-25 season

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As the curtain falls on Caitlin Clark’s illustrious college basketball career, fans eagerly await the emergence of a new face—the torchbearer who will carry the sport forward. According to Associated Press women’s basketball reporter Doug Feinberg, that player is none other than Juju Watkins.

Caitlin Clark’s Legacy

Caitlin Clark, the Iowa Hawkeyes superstar, has left an indelible mark on women’s college basketball. Her scoring prowess, charisma, and record-breaking performances elevated the game’s profile. As she prepares to enter the WNBA Draft, the question looms: Who will step into her shoes?

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Caitlin Clark

Juju Watkins is the heir to the throne

Feinberg believes that Juju Watkins is the odds-on favorite to become the new face of women’s college basketball. Here’s why:

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On-Court Brilliance: Watkins, a USC Trojans star, has dazzled fans with her skills. Her 27.1 points per game during her freshman season turned heads and showcased her scoring ability.

Personality and Presence: Beyond the court, Watkins exudes charm and charisma. Her engaging personality makes her relatable to fans and media alike.

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The Next Chapter: With Caitlin Clark’s departure, Watkins has the opportunity to lead women’s college basketball into the next era. Her talent and work ethic position her for greatness.

While Watkins is the frontrunner, Feinberg also highlights other rising stars:

Madison Booker (Texas): Booker’s leadership propelled Texas to a No. 1 seed after losing Rori Harmon. Her phenomenal play demands attention.

Hannah Hidalgo (Notre Dame): Hidalgo’s two-way excellence caught the eye this season. Her impact on both ends of the court sets her apart.

As the 2024-25 season approaches, all eyes will be on Juju Watkins and her journey to fill Caitlin Clark’s shoes. Women’s college basketball awaits its next icon.

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