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How Will the Trouble at Red Bull Impact Max Verstappen’s Decision to Stay or Leave the Team?

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The Formula 1 world is buzzing with speculation as the drama surrounding Red Bull Racing unfolds. And this time Max Verstappen is the talk of the town. According to multiple sources, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is in talks with him about the 2025 season.

The ‘investigation file leak’ makes it difficult for Red Bull to look past the Horner investigation. And the team, once a powerhouse, now finds itself embroiled in controversy, and the repercussions could be seismic. At the center of it all is Max Verstappen, the prodigious Dutch driver who has been the face of Red Bull for years. But how will the recent turmoil impact his future with the team?

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The Horner Scandal

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, has been at the heart of the storm. Accused of “inappropriate behavior” by a female employee, Horner faced an investigation that cast a dark shadow over the team. Although he was eventually cleared, leaked texts and images added fuel to the fire. The scandal has left Red Bull fans questioning the team’s integrity and leadership. And now F1 leadership will want to take the matter in their own hands.

Max Verstappen: Exit Clause

Max Verstappen, a three-time Formula 1 champion, signed a long-term deal with Red Bull after his title win in 2021. His contract, reportedly worth around £50 million per year, ties him to the team until 2028. Verstappen has repeatedly expressed loyalty to Red Bull, claiming he couldn’t envision driving for anyone else. However, there’s a twist: a hidden clause in his contract.

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According to the some European media publishers, Verstappen’s contract includes an exit clause triggered by one condition: the departure of Helmut Marko, head of Red Bull’s driver development program. Marko has been instrumental in Verstappen’s rise within the team, and their relationship runs deep. If Marko were to leave, Verstappen could sensationally walk away from Red Bull (These details couldn’t be individually verified by us).

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The Jos Verstappen Size Problem

Max’s father, Jos Verstappen, has added fuel to the fire. Following Max’s victory in the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, Jos publicly called for Horner’s removal. He even hinted that his son might consider leaving Red Bull if Horner remains in charge. With a seat at Mercedes now vacant after Sir Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, the allure of a new challenge could sway Max’s decision.

How Will the Trouble at Red Bull Impact Max Verstappen’s Decision to Stay or Leave the Team? - THE SPORTS ROOM

Verstappen’s Stance

Despite the drama, Max Verstappen insists he wants to stay at Red Bull “for a very long time.” He downplays the impact of the team’s new engine program on his motivation to stay. Verstappen’s commitment to the team remains steadfast, but the situation is fluid. Even McLaren boss Zak Brown speculates that Verstappen might be joining the Silver Arrows alongside George Russell in an all-new driver lineup.
In addition, these internal struggles could also impact the team’s performance in the long run. The pace which Red Bull dominated the season opener indicates that the 2024 car is strong enough to last the whole season (with track specific ad-on). But the internal turmoil could compromise the development of the 2025’s challenger. And the regulation change in 2026 could complicate the problem.

The Team Dynamics

Verstappen’s loyalty extends beyond Horner. The Red Bull hierarchy, with Marko at the top of Red Bull driver program, has worked wonders for the team. Changing roles or leaving altogether would disrupt the delicate balance that has propelled Verstappen to the top. As the drama unfolds, Verstappen’s decision will shape not only his career but also the future of Formula 1.

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