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One of the top 3 WRs now’ – Retired NFL QB is Not Happy with Buffalo’s Dropping Stefon Diggs

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The NFL offseason is a chessboard where every move matters. As the draft approaches, teams jockey for positions, eyeing the talent pool with anticipation. And in this high-stakes game, the Buffalo Bills find themselves at a crossroads.

Orlovsky’s tweet, posted on his account @danorlovsky7, reads:

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“Wow Buffalo better get up into the top 8 of this draft and get one of the top 3 WRs now. Love it for Houston who has had the best off season of any team in NFL.”

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This brief message sparks discussion about the contrasting situations these two teams face.

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Houston Texans: Aggressive Acquisitions

Orlovsky reserves high praise for the Houston Texans’ offseason moves. Here’s a breakdown of some potential factors contributing to his assessment:

  • Acquiring a Top Wide Receiver: The Texans reportedly traded for star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, bolstering their offensive firepower significantly. Diggs’ presence alongside a talented young quarterback like Davis Mills could elevate the Texans’ offense to a new level.
  • Addressing Defensive Needs: The Texans might have addressed defensive needs through free agency or the draft, potentially solidifying a unit that struggled at times last season.
  • Overall Roster Improvement: Considering both offensive and defensive upgrades, the Texans might have made the most significant overall improvements this offseason.

Buffalo Bills: A Questionable Wide Receiver Situation

While Orlovsky applauds the Texans’ moves, his tweet suggests concern for the Buffalo Bills. Here’s what we can glean from his message:

  • Loss of Stefon Diggs: The trade of Diggs to the Texans leaves a gaping hole in the Bills’ receiving corps. Diggs was a crucial target for quarterback Josh Allen, and his absence could significantly impact the Bills’ offensive efficiency.
  • Draft Strategy: Orlovsky emphasizes the importance for the Bills to move up in the draft to secure one of the top-rated wide receivers. This urgency highlights the concern surrounding their current receiving options.
  • Time is of the Essence: With the draft approaching, the Bills need to act quickly if they want to secure a top-tier wide receiver replacement for Diggs.

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