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Stephen A.Smith Claps Back At Shaq For Labelling Kobe Bryant as ‘Goat’- “We All Know He is Not Jordan”

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The debate surrounding the NBA’s greatest player of all time (GOAT) continues to rage on. Shaquille O’Neal recently reignited the conversation by suggesting his former teammate, Kobe Bryant, deserves a place in the GOAT discussion. However, Stephen A. Smith isn’t ready to crown Kobe just yet, and according to a tweet by ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints), he offered some pointed critiques of Shaq’s stance.

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Shaq Throws His Weight Behind Kobe Bryant : A New Chapter in the GOAT Saga


Shaquille O’Neal, a legend in his own right, recently advocated for Kobe Bryant’s inclusion in the GOAT conversation. This isn’t the first time these two former teammates have clashed (or, more accurately, debated) on the basketball court or analyst desk. Shaq’s comments highlight the enduring legacy of Kobe Bryant and the ongoing debate surrounding his place in NBA history.

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Here’s why Shaq might believe Kobe belongs in the GOAT conversation:

  • Unmatched Competitive Drive: Kobe’s relentless work ethic and killer instinct are undeniable. He pushed himself and his teammates to achieve greatness.
  • Statistical Dominance: Kobe’s trophy case boasts five championships and a multitude of scoring titles. His individual accolades are worthy of serious consideration.
  • MJ’s Successor: For many, Kobe embodied the closest thing to Michael Jordan’s competitive spirit and on-court dominance seen in a subsequent generation.

However, Stephen A. Smith has a different perspective.

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Stephen A. Smith Pumps the Brakes: “You Had Shaq!”


While acknowledging Kobe’s greatness, Stephen A. Smith, according to ClutchPoints, offered some counterpoints to Shaq’s claim. Here are some reasons why Stephen A. might be hesitant to put Kobe in the GOAT conversation:

  • Michael Jordan’s Shadow: Michael Jordan’s six championships and unparalleled dominance cast a long shadow. Kobe, despite his achievements, hasn’t quite reached Jordan’s level of sustained success.
  • Shaq’s Presence: Stephen A. emphasizes the role Shaquille O’Neal played in Kobe’s first three championships. He argues that having a dominant force like Shaq alongside him eased some of the pressure and workload for Kobe.
  • Individual vs. Team Success: The GOAT debate often hinges on individual brilliance versus team accomplishments. While Kobe’s individual accolades are impressive, his overall championship count might fall short for some voters.

The Case for Kobe Bryant

Bryant’s supporters argue that he won all five of his championships with the Lakers, never jumping ship to join a super team. His work ethic, killer instinct, and unwavering commitment to the Lakers make him a legend. When he was the best player on his last two championship teams, he took down elite opponents like the Boston Celtics.

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