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FIA Announces Game Changing Regulations for 2026 Formula 1 Cars

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The FIA 2026 Technical Regulations prioritize improved raceability and closer racing by emphasizing a “nimble car” concept. This design approach aims to enhance the cars’ agility and responsiveness on the track.

The 2026 cars will be 30 kg lighter than the current generation F1 cars. This weight reduction is expected to improve overall efficiency and handling during races. The power unit (PU) has been completely redesigned.

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It builds upon the world’s most efficient engines, incorporating almost 300% more battery power. The PU now features an equal split between Internal Combustion (IC) and Electric power components.

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The aerodynamics of the 2026 cars have been adjusted to align with the energy management requirements of the new power units. Active aerodynamic elements will play a crucial role in optimizing performance and efficiency.

The introduction of a new Manual Override Mode allows for increased electrical power deployment. This feature benefits the following car, potentially leading to more overtaking opportunities during races. Six power unit manufacturers have committed to Formula 1 from 2026.

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These manufacturers include Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine, Honda, Audi, and Red Bull Ford Powertrains. The 2026 cars will run exclusively on 100% sustainable fuel.

This FIA move aligns with environmental goals and promotes cleaner energy sources. The new regulations prioritize safety by introducing stronger car structures. Additionally, tougher safety tests will be implemented to enhance driver protection.

FIA to Introduce Points for P12 Cars: A Game-Changer for F1 teams


As the world eagerly awaits the 2025 Formula 1 season, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) has proposed a significant change to the points system. This alteration aims to enhance the competitive landscape and recognize the efforts of all drivers, not just those on the podium.

Currently, only the top 10 finishers in each race receive points. However, the proposed revision will extend rewards down to 12th place. This move acknowledges the competitiveness of the entire field and ensures that every driver’s performance contributes to their team’s overall standing.

In recent years, Formula 1 has seen a reduction in the concept of “backmarkers.” Gone are the days when certain teams consistently finished at the tail end of the grid. With closer competition, even the drivers outside the top 10 play crucial roles in races. Recognizing their efforts with points is a step toward fairness and inclusivity

While the FIA points system itself may not be the headline, it serves as a reflection of race results. Each point earned tells a story of battles fought, strategies executed, and hard-fought positions gained. Now, that story extends beyond the top 10.

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