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F1 teams pointed ‘Huge risk’ after FIA announce new regulations

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The F1 landscape is about to undergo a seismic shift with the introduction of the 2026 regulations. These rules promise to redefine the sport, focusing on sustainability, safety, and enhancing the competitive racing experience.

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‘Dr Gibbs’ wrote on X that, “Apparently today was quite the chaotic day with the release of these new regulations. I’ve been informed that each team has sent a technical representative to meet with the FiA about the release of the regulations at some point today. Apparently the released regs were never finally approved by all teams, and at least two teams are threatening to walk away from the series if they go ahead as released today.

There are a LOT of angry team members across the grid. After a bit more digging, specifically the concerns are around the active aero for the front and rear wings which will NOT be driver controlled, but triggered via control systems and software. The teams feel this is a huge risk in the event of failure. Additionally the concern is that the cost cap would prohibit the cost of replacement active aero parts as well. Sounds like the FiA had a bit of an issue on their hands with this one.”

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F1’s 2026 Regulations

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The FIA (Formula 1’s governing body) has unveiled a bold set of technical regulations for the 2026 season. These innovations aim to transform the sport, and here’s what you need to know:

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  • Agile Cars: The new guidelines meticulously craft F1 cars to be lighter, more agile, and faster. The overall weight of the cars will be reduced by 30kg, resulting in nimble machines that can battle fiercely on the track.
  • Active Aerodynamics: One of the most significant changes is the introduction of active aerodynamics. Moveable front and rear wings will allow for closer racing, enhancing overtaking opportunities. Picture cars slicing through the air with precision, thanks to cutting-edge control systems and software.
  • Safety First: The 2026 regulations prioritize safety. Stronger structures and tougher tests will protect drivers, ensuring they can push the limits while minimizing risks.

2. Redesigned Power Units

  • Hybrid Power: The heart of these new cars lies in their redesigned power units. These units strike a balance between internal combustion and electric power. Expect a more even split between the two, resulting in a thrilling performance on the track.
  • Increased Battery Power: The 2026 power units feature increased battery capacity. Drivers will have access to a short burst of additional battery power when within one second of the car ahead. Imagine the strategic battles as they deploy this extra boost to make daring moves.
  • Sustainable Fuels: F1 is committed to sustainability. The use of 100% sustainable fuels ensures a greener future for the sport, reducing its environmental impact.

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