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Euphoria Star ‘Sydney Sweeney’ joins the cast of upcoming Marvel movie ‘Madame Web’

Sydney Sweeney is set to join Sony’s Marvel Universe of Characters after a breakout year that includes leading roles in HBO’s The White Lotus and Euphoria.

Madame Web is currently under development, with Sydney and Dakota as the only confirmed cast members. S.J. Clarkson, known for her work on the Marvel shows Jessica Jones and The Defenders, will helm the feature indicating that filming could begin later this year.

With Sweeney, the cast has gained a new member, who joins the fray following an exciting round of television storytelling, her role is being kept under wraps for the time being. Sources also hinted that the Madame Web project could evolve into something greater in the future, though no specifics were provided.

Madame Web emerged in Amazing Spider-Man #210 in 1981. Madame Web, whose real name was Cassandra Webb, originally appeared in the first narrative as an elderly woman who helped Spider-Man through her clairvoyant visions. Cassandra was born blind but possesses telepathic, clairvoyant, and precognitive mutant abilities. Myasthenia Gravis was a persistent neuromuscular condition that she had. It was extremely difficult for her to move and breathe on her own as a result of this. The doctors hooked her up to a life support system that resembled a big spider’s web. It was, in fact, a complex device developed by her late spouse. This resulted in an extremely frightening image of her, almost like something out of a Tarot card. Madame Web is on the side of good in her initial form, as well as future forms.

Euphoria Star 'Sydney Sweeney' joins the cast of upcoming Marvel movie 'Madame Web'

Sweeney had been considering numerous offers in recent weeks, as per sources, but the privilege to work with Johnson in what would be the first female-centric production in the series was too enticing to pass up. It’s been speculated that with Dakota Johnson’s casting in the elderly role might introduce a new take on the character of Madame Web in this super hero film.

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Sweeney has had a busy year, which began with her scene-stealing performance in another great HBO series, White Lotus. She had prominent roles in the Amazon film The Voyeurs and Blumhouse’s Nocturne. She is now starring alongside Simon Rex and Halsey in Tony Tost’s National Anthem.

Regardless of Sweeney’s role in Madame Web, this new pic appears to be growing in importance as a component of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. As additional details regarding the film’s development and release date become available, fans will be interested to see how Dakota Johnson, Sidney Sweeney and the rest of the cast fit into the Marvel universe as a whole.

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