Eric Bischoff outlines the issues of modern wrestling entertainment

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Eric Bischoff, former WWE star made debut in AEW Dynamite. He made shocking appearance as the moderator between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy.

Bischoff had recently talked about the problem of repetitive action in all the wrestling promotions, on the episode of his 83 weeks podcast.

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Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff says, ” Wrestling has become victim of its own success”.

Eric Bischoff explained that too much action in the wrestling world in going on. Be it the major wrestling promotions or the independent circuit, it is too much for the fans to see.

The wrestling promotions are dishing out content in excessive and thus making the process monotonous. The fans are seeing the same skill set, moves, finishes repeatedly, making the things more predictable to the viewers.

WWE is putting out content of 7 hours on a weekly basis, excluding 205 live and Main Event. If other promotions like Impact Wrestling and AEW is also included, then it can be understood that it is more than required for the fans to see.

Eric Bischoff outlines the issues of modern wrestling entertainment - THE SPORTS ROOM

Eric Bischoff said, “I think part of the challenge today is there’s so much wrestling out there and so many hours of it. [There are] seven hours in WWE in prime time every week – just out of WWE. Now throw AEW into the mix, and if you’re a hardcore [fan], you’ve got Impact to watch and other smaller independents to watch. When you have that much content out there, it’s inevitable that you’re going to see so much of the same. Whether its skill sets, presentation, move sets, finishes where everybody is doing everything. The over-saturation of the product has led to the delusion of the individual type of characteristics that wrestlers can enjoy, and have, and call their own because there’s just so much of it out there it’s bound to be repetitive.”

Eric Bischoff claims that, there’s too much content available out there,which should not be the case and that is resulting the content to be less unique.

“Wrestling to an extent has become a victim of its own success, success meaning there’s so much out there, and available, and profitable for the networks that carry it to a degree or another, therefore there’s more of it. When you see more of it, you see all of it, and the more you see of all of it, the less distinguishable it becomes. That’s the biggest problem,” said Eric Bischoff.

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