EC3 reveals why he is hospitalized

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The former WWE star EC3 recently took to his social media account and informed his followers that he has been hospitalized.

EC3 reveals the reason for being hospitalized

EC3 took to his official Instagram account and went on to reveal he has been hospitalized. He revealed he has been admitted in hospital for the last five days.

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EC3 reveals why he is hospitalized - THE SPORTS ROOM

He further opened up on an infection that he has been ignoring for sometime which came back to haunt him.

EC3 also posted a couple of pictures of himself resting on a hospital bed. He captioned the image with the details and requested to everyone to allow him to take the rest which is neccessary for him.

Already five days in the hospital, he revealed more days are required for him to stay at the place.

Check out the entire message below:
“#ControlYourNarrative CAN KILL YOU. That’s not strictly just an attention grabbing headline. It’s more of an update.⁣ Short version; an infection I neglected proper care for, put other people’s needs before mine, went straight empath, caught up to me, and broke me.⁣ Long version; it’s extensive, I’ve been hospitalized 5 days and we’ll need longer. Anyways I will heal, if you want to help drop a comment or a thought or affirmation.⁣ Please do not text. PLEASE.all I ask. If you want to help let me be alone.”

Check out the Instagram post below:

EC3’s recent stint in pro wrestling

EC3 debuted in IMPACT Wrestling years ago and rose up to prominence, becoming a top-tier star in the company. He also became the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

He also made his comeback to WWE in 2018, where he previously went by the name Derick Bateman. He had quite a run in NXT until he was called up to the main roster in early 2019.

EC3 had gained momentum during his time in NXT and fans had expected him to do well in the main roster run as well.

But, he turned out to be a low-carder in the roster and due to lack of creativity, his career slumped in the company and was eventually released from the company last year due to the budget cuts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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