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Drew McIntyre wants Cesaro to break into the main event

Drew McIntyre believes that Cesaro belongs in the main event and should get a push soon enough.

Drew McIntyre


Cesaro is widely considered one of the best performers in professional wrestling, despite never getting a true main event run. His wrestling ability has been praised by fellow wrestlers and wrestling icons such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and Jim Ross, alongside many of his colleagues at WWE. Criticism has been levied at WWE for underutilizing Cesaro creatively on their shows.

Cesaro has been usually labeled as an underrated wrestler. From 2013 to 2016, Cesaro won the Most Underrated award by Wrestling Observer Newsletter. While he is a talented singles wrestler, he became known as a “tag team specialist” due to his successful partnerships with Jack Swagger, Tyson Kidd, Sheamus, and Shinsuke Nakamura and his pre-WWE tag teams with Chris Hero and Bryan Danielson.


The former WWE Champion agreed to the opinion of Cesaro deserving a push. However, McIntyre still has never faced him in the squared circle.

“The fact of the matter is I’ve never been in the ring and had a match with him. I can just tell watching him. Usually, you can only tell how good someone is when you get in with them. If I got in with him, that would be so much fun,” he commented.

However, McIntyre opines that Cesaro getting a rivalry with Seth Rollins, another incredibly talented wrestler, is good for the business. If they give him a right build, then Cesaro will easily break into the next level and a match against him will be imminent.

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“But to see him getting an opportunity to work with someone as good as Seth,and Seth is incredible. I’m excited to see where they’re going to go. If they give this the right build, present Cesaro in a way that highlights his strengths and get to that match, it’d be cool to see Cesaro break into the next level and finally have a match with Drew McIntyre,” he said.


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