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Devon Larratt vs Levan Saginashvili: The biggest match in Arm Wrestling history

Over the years, arm wrestling has seen its biggest superstars facing off each other on the table in historic events that have left a mark in the minds of fans. All that being said, there is one match that is set to take place this year and is only less that a month away, that is expected to blow up as the biggest ever in the sport, and the excitement has gone up by several notches as its two of the greatest, biggest and strongest arm wrestlers ever- Devon Larratt vs Levan Saginashvili, are counting days to meet on the table, and the super match will be headlining the upcoming King of the Table 4 event on 25th June in Dubai.

Devon and Levan: The David and Goliath of arm wrestling

Devon Larratt is the most famous arm wrestler in the world at present and has achieved success in both the first and second editions of the King of the Table events. First, “No Limits” Larratt went up against Michael Todd at the King Of The Table 1 event in Dubai in May, followed by King of the Table 2 on 12th December in which the Canadian picked up his second win of the year against the legendary John Brzenk, considered as the “Greatest of All Time” (G.O.A.T) in the sport.

However, the one arm wrestler Larratt knew he needs to face to prove he has indeed become the G.O.A.T is none other than the behemoth Levan Saginashvili, who is well recognized by his nickname “The Georgian Hulk”, touted as the toughest challenge of his prolonged and decorated career. Soon after his victory over Brzenk, Devon had called out Levan for a match, calling him an “Everest in the sport.”

A seven times World Arm wrestling Champion (WAF), six times European arm wrestling champion, Top eight winner of 2019, and the World Cup 2017 champion, Levan Saginashvili isconsidered as the strongest arm wrestler in the world.

The towering 6 feet 3 inches, 170 kg puller possesses 50cm forearm and 60cm biceps and had defeated KOTT 3.0 winner Dave Chaffee 6-0 in Kyiv, Ukraine back in September. He has also outright dominated other big names in the sport in a similar fashion the past, such as Vitaly Laletin, Kydyrgaly Ongarbaev, Tim Bresnan, Dmitry Trubin and several others.

King of the Table 4: When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

Both Devon and Levan have often gone back and forth verbally, with Devon even stating that he will be utilizing the infamous “King’s Move” on his Georgian adversary at KOTT 4.0, even though many fans and even other arm wrestlers consider Levan as the heavy favorite to win the match, just for the raw power, explosiveness and grip strength that Levan possesses. Devon has also revealed that he will be weighing in much heavier to match his opponent, but only the main event at KOTT 4.0 will tell if that will match the powerhouse that Levan is.

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June 25th will be a dream come true for millions of arm wrestling fans as the grandest matchup in the sport becomes a reality, to see Devon Larratt- who has been storming the gates and has become unstoppable, locks horns against Levan Saginashvili- the behemoth from Georgia who is immovable on the table, who’s actual strength is still a mystery to many. Stay tuned as we edge closer to the biggest arm wrestling match of all time.

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