Chris Jericho names his favourite promo styles of AEW stars

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho, the first-ever AEW World Champion recently joined Keeping it 100 with Konnan and talked about his favourite promo styles of the fellow AEW stars.

Chris Jericho likes to add old-school elements in promos

The former AEW Champion opened up on the touch of old-school in the promos delivered by current stars. He talked about Ricky Starks who cut a promo in an old-school style which drew the attention of the Demo-God.

Chris Jericho

He recalled having a conversation with AEW Executive Vice President and performer, Cody Rhodes about this and expressed his desire to do the same way.

Chris Jericho said, “Actually, Ricky Starks did one and I was like– I text Cody and Tony and I was like, ‘When did you guys start doing this? I want to do this! This is how I learned how to do promos in the box in WCW, we’d have those in the back.”

Jericho has cut great promos in the past and he possesses amazing mic skills. He discussed how acting is part of pro-wrestling. It is important to deliver promos in such a way that it looks natural and fans will buy that. He named how Cody and Dustin Rhodes have that expertise in cutting promos.

Chris Jericho explained, “It’s rare that they can find good actors. But take an example like Cody. He knows how to raise the voice at the right time. Dustin Rhodes, he knows exactly where to kick it in. I feel I’m the same way, but there is a lot of guys just basically talking.”

Dustin Rhodes Opens Up On Relationship With Cody

Chris Jericho is one of the top heels and has had one of the best gimmicks over the past thirty years. His in-ring prowess is as remarkable as his mic skills. He had introduced the idea of speaking softly as a heel which would draw the attention of the fans. He said people have adapted to that concept but it was unknowingly.


Jericho said, “I remember sometimes I’d be doing a promo and someone in the crowd would say, ‘We can’t hear you!’ And in my mind, it was like, well then you better f–king listen then.”

He added, “And that’s when they’d really start to listen to what you’re saying. And when they’re really listening, that’s when you can reel ’em in because you know they have no choice but to really listen to what you’re saying.”

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