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Best Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks in history

Even though they haven’t won a Super Bowl, the Minnesota Vikings are still one of the most popular and beloved teams in the National Football League.

With their only title coming in the pre-Super Bowl era, they’ve been through more than enough to get to the ultimate stage. Nonetheless, if you are looking at how to bet on the Super Bowl, according to PickBoss, you might be happy knowing that the Vikings are quite favored this year after a very positive campaign in the NFC Division.

However, it’s not like there’s been a shortage of talent up north. Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Alan Page, and Chuck Foreman are just a handful of the great players that have donned their purple jerseys over time.

But, this being a quarterback’s league, most younger, and new fans will always focus on that position to make their assessments. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 greatest quarterbacks in Vikings’ history.

5. Brett Favre (2009-2010)

Even though he was only there for two years, we’re talking about one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Brett might be in the news recently for something unrelated to football, but he is still one of the best QB to ever grace the game.

He committed the ultimate sin of playing for the Vikings after his legendary career with lifelong rivals Green Bay Packers. But one of his seasons was so good that we couldn’t snub him from this list.

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Favre led the Vikings to an impressive 12-4 record and was one field goal away from taking them all the way to the Super Bowl. His connection with Percy Harvin was one of the most entertaining in league history, and he had arguably the most efficient season of his career with just 7 picks, a passer rating of 107.2, and a 68.4% completion percentage.

4. Randall Cunningham (1997-1999)

While short-lived, Randall Cunningham’s tenure with the Vikings was more than remarkable. In just one season as a starter with the organization, he threw a whopping 34 touchdowns against just 10 interceptions, helping them set a mark with a whopping 556 points.

That 1998 campaign still ranks among the greatest seasons in NFL history for a quarterback. He posted a career-best 106 passer rating and led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game and the best offense in the league, also wreaking havoc out of the backfield as a scrambler.

3. Tommy Kramer (1977-1989)

While his 54-56 record with the organization may not be all that impressive, we’re talking about a guy who spent 12 years with the franchise. Throughout the years, Tommy Kramer threw for a whopping 154 touchdowns. To this day, he still ranks second in wins, passing yards, and passing TDs for the Vikings.

Albeit not the most spectacular, nor the winningest guy in the league, his longevity made him a fan favorite for the Vikings’ faithful. He led them to three playoff berths and the AFC Championship game, showing flashes of greatness but constantly struggling with injuries.

2. Daunte Culpepper (1999-2005)

If it wasn’t for a career-altering knee injury, maybe people would talk about Daunte Culpepper way more often. He was one of the first explosive dual-threat quarterbacks and helped set the standard for modern-day QBs. He even led the league in TD passes with 33 in just his second season, leading the Vikings to an 11-5 record.

Culpepper was one of the biggest entertainers in the league, posting big play after big play and scrambling his way out of sacks and tackles. Unfortunately, the team was never able to live up to his potential, and most of his impressive numbers were futile. Then, in 2004, that devastating injury ended it all.

1. Fran Tarkenton (1961-1966, 1972-1978)

This one was a no-brainer. In terms of longevity, impact, and numbers, there’s no one that could come close to the great Fran Tarkenton here. He was their undisputed leader in two different stints, in two different decades, with two different sets of teammates. Not many players can be top-10 QB for nearly twenty years; just ask Tom Brady.

While Tarkenton didn’t win seven Super Bowls like Brady, he did lead the team to three trips to the ultimate stage in the final seven years of his second stint with the team. Despite never winning that ring, he logged 33,098 yards, 239 TD (plus 22 rushing TD), and a 91-73-6 record with the organization.

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