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Bayley speaks about her history with Sasha Banks

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In one of the most impressive segments in last night’s WWE Smackdown Live, Sasha Banks managed to get Bayley to sign a contract for their Smackdown Women’s Championship match at Hell In A Cell.


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Bayley was not very excited to sign the contract for the match. Speaking with Walandi Tsanti, she said: “I’m not signing that contract. Maybe I don’t want to go to SmackDown. I’m very busy with my interviews because as a champion, I have to fulfill my duties. I don’t even think Sasha could handle all of this, so we’ll see. If I were to sign that contract, Vince McMahon will have to pay me double what I’m getting paid right now.”

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“So, hypothetically, if I were to step inside Hell In A Cell it wouldn’t be anything that Sasha’s not used to – she’d just lose again. I’m the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history and the first ever women’s grand slam champion and that’s not by accident. What’s another match on my list to walk out in victory?”

However, on Smackdown, Sasha Banks managed to get Bayley to sign the contract by putting Bayley in between chairs and tormenting her with a head lock. Once the champion signed the contract, she was kicked away by The Boss.

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Bayley States That Banks Is “Screwed Either Way”

While speaking about her history with Banks, Bayley said: “Well, yeah we know each other so well. After every match, even the tag matches we’ve had together, we come back and pick apart we didn’t like and what we did wrong. I know how her mind works. After all her Hell In A Cell matches, I was there talking to her afterwards, being there for her and helping lick her wounds afterwards.”

“She always said what she did wrong and why she lost. So, I know all of her strengths and all of her weakness and the way that she thinks. That’s what makes it different from anybody else is that we probably know each other a little bit too well and that probably messes things up a bit for each of us, but I’m smarter so she’s screwed either way,” she added.

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