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Aston Martin Lodges Petition for Right to Review Penalty Given to Fernando Alonso in Chinese Sprint Race

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During the Sprint race in China, Fernando Alonso, representing Aston Martin, collided with Ferrari rival Carlos Sainz while fighting for third position. The incident occurred at Turn 9 of the Shanghai International Circuit. As a result of the stewards’ investigation, Alonso was given a 10-second time penalty and three penalty points for causing the collision. This brought his total penalty points to six within the 12-month period.

As per the recent post of ‘Fastest Pitstop’, “Aston Martin has lodged a petition for a right to review for the penalty given to Fernando Alonso in the Chinese Sprint race. The hearing will take place on Friday in Miami.”
While the 10-second penalty did not impact the race result, Aston Martin’s appeal likely aims to reduce or remove the penalty points from Alonso’s record. The hearing is scheduled via video conference on Friday.

Aston Martin’s Lucrative Offer to Adrian Newey

Aston Martin
Adrian Newey, the renowned Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull Racing, has long been a central figure in Formula 1. His aerodynamic genius and engineering prowess have contributed significantly to Red Bull’s championship successes over the years. However, recent developments suggest that Aston Martin, another prominent team on the grid, is keen on luring Newey away from his current position.
A jaw-dropping £100 million deal awaits Newey if he decides to make the switch. This figure places him among the highest-paid individuals in the sport. Beyond the financial aspect, the offer includes enticing perks such as working in the UK (where Aston Martin is based) and collaborating with a team eager to challenge the status quo.
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