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Aston Martin is set to Replace Mattia Binotto: A Strategic Move in Formula 1

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Formula 1 fans can rejoice, as speculation surrounding Mattia Binotto’s next move has finally been settled. Lawrence Stroll, the ambitious owner of Aston Martin, is reportedly eyeing none other than Mattia Binotto, the former Ferrari team principal, to bolster the team’s technical prowess.

According to a tweet by Aston Martin F1 updates- ” According to Lawrence Stroll have made decision and Mattia Binotto will be joining Aston Martin in the role of CTO, Chief Technical Officer, replacing Andrew Green who left in 2023 Mike Krack continues to be TP of Aston Martin, reported by Motorsport-Total Germany Not into the article but PO, Mattia did great job implementing the new wind tunnel of Ferrari back in 2020 and most probably this will be the highest priority for him”

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This news marks a significant development for Aston Martin, potentially altering the team’s trajectory and impacting the competitive landscape of F1.

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The Mattia Binotto Factor


Mattia Binotto is no stranger to the Formula 1 scene. His tenure at Ferrari was marked by both successes and challenges, but his technical acumen remains unquestionable. Now, the rumor mill suggests that Binotto could return to the sport, this time wearing an Aston Martin badge.

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The CTO position at Aston Martin had been vacant since Andrew Green’s departure in early 2023. Binotto’s arrival fills this crucial role, bringing a wealth of experience and technical expertise to the team. His background in engineering, particularly his instrumental role in implementing Ferrari’s new wind tunnel in 2020 (as highlighted in the tweet by @startonpole), suggests a strong focus on technical development – a key area for Aston Martin if they wish to challenge the established frontrunners.

The Role of Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Aston Martin is set to Replace Mattia Binotto: A Strategic Move in Formula 1 - THE SPORTS ROOM

The position of Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Aston Martin has been vacant since Andrew Green’s departure in early 2023. Binotto, if appointed, would step into this critical role. But what exactly does a CTO do?

Technical Vision: The CTO sets the technical direction for the team. Binotto’s extensive experience and knowledge could be a game-changer for Aston Martin. His ability to establish solid technical structures and work on long-term strategic visions would be invaluable.

Collaboration: Binotto would collaborate with Dan Fallows, Aston Martin’s current chief technical officer. While Fallows continues to design the car, Binotto could focus on refining technical facilities and aligning them with the team’s overall strategic goals.


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