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Andy Murray urges the British government to invest at the grassroots level

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Once again British tennis legend, Andy Murray, has come forward to voice his criticism about the British government not giving enough importance to the development of the sport, tennis, despite the achievement of Emma Raducanu.

Andy Murray urges the British government to invest at the grassroots level - THE SPORTS ROOM

The teenager, beat Leylay Fernandez, 6-4 6-3 to win the US Open tournament. Her stellar performance at the US Open has been praised by several tennis stars, including Andy.

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Emma did not lose a single set. She is the first qualifier to have made it to the finals. She had been the answer to Britain’s 44 year wait for a major single’s trophy.

Andy, who is a two time Wimbledon Champion thinks that the British Government should not focus their attention on making the sport accessible. The government must fund the training institute or tennis academies to encourage other young people from taking up the sport.

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“For a country that hosts the biggest tennis tournament in the world and certainly not lacking in money, that’s not really good enough.”

Andy himself ended the wait for a men’s singles title in British Tennis after 76 years.

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“Now should be an opportunity to try to make sure it’s not another huge wait. They need to try to take the opportunity.”

The former world number 1 thinks that the image of tennis being a rich man’s sport puts people off. People automatically think that it to be inaccessible and this image has to change.

“If your image is that it’s a rich person’s sport and it’s too expensive to play, I’m sure that it potentially puts people off, parents as well, getting their kids into it.”

Three time Grand Slam Champion, Andy does not want to give any advice to the teenage champion. He stated that he himself never liked people giving him unwanted advice and he does not want to be that person.

He further mentioned that he would new happy to guide or help her if she ever approaches him.

“I never really liked it when all of the ex-British players were always wading in after every win and loss about what you should be doing, what you shouldn’t be doing. I  found it incredibly irritating and still do. I don’t want to be that person.”

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