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Korean Archer An San has invited criticisms from Anti-Feminists for her short hair

South Korea’s ace, An San, has already won two gold medals at the archery segment at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics but her win has been overshadowed by her short hair, which is inviting criticism from the anti-feminist circle for being too “feminist”.

Korean Archer An San has invited criticisms from Anti-Feminists for her short hair - THE SPORTS ROOM
Feminism has increasingly become a controversial topic in South Korea. San has been receiving excessive online hate for her short hair online. The male netizens are asking the Olympics to revoke her scores and take away her medals.
A Twitter account posted a screenshot of the comments and the posts, translated into English.
“Korean men are attacking An San, a gold medalist in archery, for “being a feminist”. They’ve assumed she’s a feminist from her haircut, etc. They’re claiming her medals need to be taken away. #Tokyo2020 #Olympics @Tokyo2020ko.”

The tweet has caught the attention of Kelly Kasulis Cho, A New York reporter who tweeted:
South Korean Olympic gold medalist in archery, An San, is being criticized by male netizens for her short hair — yet another display of the online anti-feminist movement in a county where haircuts can still be controversial among select groups.”

Despite the backlash, there have been several South Korean celebrities and politicians who have openly supported her short hair and congratulated her on her win.
A member of the Justice Party shared a tweet with the caption:
“With that firm look, please shoot through every prejudice in the World. We stand by your short-cut hair and support you.”
Other than known personalities, support is pouring for her from all over the world.
At just 20, the archer has already claimed three gold at the three archery events: mixed, women’s team, and individual.
After the individual event, San refused to answer any questions related to her short hair controversy. She only invited questions that were related to the games and archery.
The Korean archer is aware of the sentiments of the public at home, especially the anti-feminist circle.


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