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Stan Kroenke-Led Group Eyes NHL Team for San Diego as Anson Carter Explores Atlanta Expansion

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In a fascinating twist of hockey fate, two distinct cities are vying for NHL expansion teams. Let’s delve into the intriguing developments:

San Diego’s NHL Aspirations

A group led by Stan Kroenke, the influential sports owner, has set its sights on bringing an NHL team to San Diego. Kroenke, known for his involvement in various sports franchises, aims to expand the league’s footprint in Southern California. San Diego, with its passionate sports fans and vibrant culture, could be the perfect home for a new hockey team.

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Anson Carter’s Atlanta Ambitions

Meanwhile, former Edmonton Oilers winger Anson Carter is partnering with a hopeful expansion effort in Atlanta. Carter, who played ten seasons in the NHL, has deep ties to the game. His vision aligns with the desire to revive NHL hockey in the bustling Atlanta area. The proposed ownership group, known as Alpharetta Sports & Entertainment Group, seeks to build an arena near the North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Georgia—approximately 25 miles north of downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Hockey History

Atlanta has a storied past with NHL franchises. The Flames initially played their first eight seasons in Atlanta before relocating to Calgary in 1980. The city experienced a resurgence of hockey enthusiasm in 1999 when the Thrashers arrived. However, the Thrashers departed in 2011, becoming the Winnipeg Jets. Now, the prospect of a third NHL team in Metro Atlanta is tantalizing.

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The Road Ahead for San Diego

While both San Diego and Atlanta harbor genuine interest, the NHL currently has no formal expansion process in place. The league’s focus remains on resolving the Arizona Coyotes’ stadium situation. Once that is settled, discussions about expansion may gain momentum. For now, the passion of Kroenke and Carter keeps the dream alive, reminding us that hockey’s heartbeats in many cities across North America.

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