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Aleister Black details his backstage relationship with former boss Vince McMahon

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Aleister Black, now back to his old Tommy End ring name, has spoken on his backstage relationship with former boss Vince McMahon.

Aleister Black


Black was released from WWE as part of a major cut, which also included Braun Strowman, Lana, Murphy, Ruby Riott and Santana Garrett. Shocked by the release, he tweeted a reaction, and later detailed his opinion on his time with the company via the twitch channel of Zelina Vega.

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About his relationship with the majority owner of WWE, he said that he enjoyed a good backstage relationship with Vince McMahon and in all of the conversations between the two, the latter had been extremely positive. The former always told him exactly how he felt and the latter respected the honesty, all while praising him for his creativity. While the end for the Aleister Black character was not too fruitful, he had always heard that McMahon was positive about him and thought that he performed well on television.

“I always told him how I felt. He always respected that about me. He always praised me on my creativity and my ability to have manners and respect but still being honest with him about how I felt. You never truly know why things end the way they did. All I can tell you from my point of view and the word that I was always given was that Vince was always pretty high on me. I did well on television,” Black stated.

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He then went on to speak about his relationship with Paul Heyman. said that when the former ECW owner was the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, he took him under his wings, and fought tooth and nail for him. However, Heyman’s struggle for the Dutch superstar did not matter in the end, as decisions were always made where they were supposed to be made. Thus, Heyman, even with the best of his efforts, could not manage to protect everyone. He did his best and Black tried his best as well.

“It was just that we could never really nail down what it is what we wanted Aleister to be on the main roster vs. what he was on NXT, and where that problem allied, I don’t know. At the same time, you have to realize when I was under Heyman’s wing, Heyman fought tough and nail for me, but at the end of the day, when a decision is made, a decision is made. Heyman couldn’t protect everyone, and he tried his best and I tried me best,” Black added.

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