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Aaron Rodgers launches online database for athletes

With the blessing of the internet, fans can get every since nuance of their favourite athletes’ stats and data on their fingertips. However, Aaron Rodgers wants to take things further.

The Green Bay Packers stalwart has joined hands with actor and producer Ryan Rottman to co-launch Online Sports Database (OSDB) earlier this week, which is dubbed as the “IMDb for athletes”.

Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Rottman’s OSDB aims to bridge the gap between athletes and fans

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a renowned online TV/movie database website with multiple features which even include online streaming and critic reviews. While there are a multitude of such online databases dedicated to the global sports fraternity, Rodgers and Rottman’s OSDB aims to bring forth much more detailed information about a particular sportsperson.

“OSDB is a premiere digital sports database and growing daily,” Aaron Rodgers was quoted in a statement that officially announced the launch of the site. “At OSDB, you’ll find stats, breaking news, human interest stories and personal information on your favorite athletes.”

Online Sports Database is slated to provide its users with much more details than just an athlete’s stats and their current contracts. For example, OSDB will provide information about an athlete’s endorsement deals, business ventures, charity work and much more.

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Currently, NFL, NBA and MLB player profiles are listed in the site but OSDB has plans to expand into several other sports in future.

However, the service is not just limited to the fans. In a recent interview with ESPN, Rottman revealed that OSDB will be targeted for both side of the spectrum- serving both the fans as well as the athletes.

“We’ve brought elements of both sides of it — giving the fan the full picture of who they are and what they’re involved with and also on the branding side of what companies they work with and what businesses they’re involved in or invested in,” said Rottman, “to me, the more you know about an athlete, the bigger fan you become, and that’s essentially for the fan side what we’re trying to do.”

OSDB also aims to aid in generating exposure for both the top as well as lesser-known athletes to help them land endorsement deals. The site will also help fans to send emails to the athletes directly and also companies to get in touch with the agents.

We’re not building this for 1 percent; we’re building it for the 99 percent who don’t get the eyeballs, or people don’t know how to get ahold of them for deals where they can endorse, say, the local car dealership in Green Bay,” Rottman added.


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