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Crazy priority: 28-year old plays Football Manager, on his wedding day!

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Anyone with a love for video games know its priorities. The long hauling gaming session, be it solo or with online buddies, fills up a huge chunk of the day’s hours. Missing out daily activities or social catch ups don’t matter when being crazy engulfed in your favourite title. But, playing Football Manager on your wedding ceremony? Now that’s bizarre.

Football Manager
Image Courtesy: Reddit/alakota

Meet Burak, a Turkish fellow who brought his laptop to on his wedding day, because he has his priorities straight. The priority? SEGA’s renowned football management simulation, Football Manager.

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The peculiar incident was made public by a Reddit user named alakota, on the r/footballmanagergames subreddit, with a pic of Burak glued to his laptop, and his bored fiancée is seen sitting on the other side of the table. It soon went viral over the internet, as the netizens cracked jokes on Burak’s dedication towards the game.

Crazy priority: 28-year old plays Football Manager, on his wedding day! - THE SPORTS ROOM
Burak’s picture from his wedding that went viral. (Image Courtesy: Reddit/alakota)

A quick Football Manager session is a no-brainer for Burak, even in his wedding ceremony

However, Burak himself clarified that playing Football Manager on his wedding ceremony wasn’t really his initial plan, as the laptop was brought to serve a different purpose- to transfer a video about the couple’s relation.

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“The photo was not planned,” Burak spoke to SPORTbible regarding the picture that went viral on Reddit.

“Basically I brought my computer with me to the wedding as I prepared a special video about the story of our relationship, but the size of the video was huge.”

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“And because I couldn’t decide to how to transfer that clip to our wedding organiser, I thought the best solution was to bring the computer and they would eventually find the best way to transfer it,” said the 28-year old.

However, after having a short delay in getting the clip, Burak jumped into Football Manager ‘jokingly’ for a couple of matches, because the consequences otherwise could have been dire.

“A person from the organization told us “only another 30 minutes!” so after that announcement, I reached out for my laptop and jokingly started up Football Manager,” he went on, “I mean, my wife could damage my computer if I wasn’t joking around…”

Crazy priority: 28-year old plays Football Manager, on his wedding day! - THE SPORTS ROOM
Burak with his wife and friends in the wedding ceremony. (Image Courtesy: Reddit/alakota)

Burak swears his loyalty to Turkish Süper Lig club Trabzonspor, and has won six league titles with the club in the game.

“I played one cup game, one league game and then shut down my computer,” he added.

Burak’s love for the management sim started all the back with the 1999 release Championship Manager 3, which he initially thought was inspired from FIFA 99. Now he dedicates at least 3-4 hours to Football Manager everyday, and 6-7 hours on weekends.

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However, while the groom is unaware if his better half will cope up with his pastime, Burak assures that it will work out.

“It’s hard to say whether she likes it [Football Manager] or not. Luckily, I have a wife who allows me to have some hobbies, as long as I can spare enough time for her,” he concluded.

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