Zelina Vega names the two wrestling icons who had faith in her

Zelina Vega
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Zelina Vega, who was recently released from WWE took to her Twitch Livestream. She talked about her release and named two huge WWE stars who believed in her during her stint in the company.

Zelina Vega thanks The Rock and Tommy Dreamer

Zelina Vega was released by WWE on Friday. No official word is out yet about what caused the company to release her. She had previously made a tweet about supporting unionization.

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Zelina Vega

But that is not the reason as her departure was planned before that. As per the reports, she had been protesting against WWE’s third-party edict that does not allow her to operate the Twitch account.

Zelina Vega finally returned to her Twitch Livestream after her release and for the first time since WWE had imposed the third-party ban.

She mentioned that she is grateful to the company for the opportunity and the success that she has achieved.

Zelina Vega names the two wrestling icons who had faith in her - THE SPORTS ROOM

She said, “I don’t know where to start. I know a lot of the WWE Universe is here with me tonight [on Twitch] and I’m incredibly grateful. I wouldn’t have enjoyed my success without you, the WWE, and mostly importantly people who believed in me from the start, like Tommy Dreamer, The Rock, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon.”

Zelina Vega would be under WWE 90-days non-compete clause that will refrain her from making T.V. appearances for any wrestling promotions for the duration mentioned.

During the livestream, she talked about former WWE star, Tommy Dreamer and wrestler-turned-actor, The Rock who trusted her abilities and work.

She continued, “Tommy and Dwayne [Johnson] believed in me when nobody else in the world did. They fought for me when nobody else would. I had gotten so many no’s in my life up until that point.”

Zelina Vega said that she has fulfilled all her dreams in WWE and also thanked the developmental territory, NXT where she commenced her journey.

Zelina Vega names the two wrestling icons who had faith in her - THE SPORTS ROOM

She said, “All I ever wanted since I was a four-year-old girl was to be a WWE superstar. And not just for me but my dad too. So, I’m grateful to WWE and NXT for making this dream a reality.”

Vega made appearances in NXT as the manager of Andrade in 2017. She had won her debut match against Lana. She recently faced Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship but in a losing effort.

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