WWE legend Super Porky breathes his last at the age of 58

super porky
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Super Porky(real name José Luis Alvarado Nieves), the former WWE star passed away at the age of 58. Reports state that he was suffering from health problems and he died at his home in Mexico City on Monday.

Super Porky died after health ailments

super porky

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The cause of the death of Super Porky has not been officially disclosed but it is being reported that his “legs couldn’t take his weight” as per wrestling magazine Súper Luchas.

Super Porky was a third-generation wrestler and had previously worked for WWE back in 2005. He was part of the “Juniors Division” before being released a year later when the division got disbanded. Reports state that he had gained the nickname “Super Porky” after jokes were made about his weight. Nieves is perhaps best known for his career as a Mexican luchador.

Wrestling Observer stated that the legendary wrestler made his debut in 1977 as a masked character named Brazo de Plata (Silver Arm). He joined the CMLL in 1985 where he wrestled for a couple of decades.

Wrestling world reacts to his death

Upon his demise, the Mexican wrestling promotion tweeted: “The CMLL joins the grief that the Luchistic family has for the sensitive death of José Luis Alvarado Nieves, better known as “Super Porky (Silver Arm)”, a gladiator who will mark an era in Mexican Wrestling.”

Current and former WWE stars have also paid tribute to the late wrestler as they sent out Tweets.

He was awesome to work with. His charisma stood out SO MUCH always I pitched to be his tag partner El Extremo Porky. RIP.”

Denise Salcedo, a contributor for Fightful Wrestling and WrestleTalk TV, said: “(Super Porky) was a larger than life character, a legend and he will be missed.”

Current WWE wrestler Bronson Reed tweeted a picture of Super Porky eating a joint of ham with the caption “RIP”.

And, WWE superstar Santos Escobar said: “We all have a clock and one day it stops, today you meet with your two brothers and battle musketeers, I LOVE YOU Pepito Rest in Peace Silver Arm “Super Porky”. My condolences to the entire Alvarado family, today the Celestial Arena receives a legend. RIP.”

Former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho said: “Great worker and excellent guy. Was always a pleasure to work with and be around.”