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Will Lebron’s Friendship Help JJ Redick Get the Lakers Job? Windhorst Reveals

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The Los Angeles Lakers are at a crossroads after parting ways with coach Darvin Ham. As the purple and gold contemplate their next move, an unexpected name has emerged as a potential candidate: JJ Redick. Yes, the same JJ Redick known for his sharpshooting on the court and his insightful commentary off it.

According to a tweet by ClutchPoints, Windhorst made some intriguing comments: “The Lakers have very few good candidates… LeBron [James] doesn’t get involved in coaching hires… LeBron’s friendships tend to fall out as quickly as they start.” These statements challenge the traditional narrative and paint a picture of a more complex situation within the Lakers organization.

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The Redick-LeBron Connection

Redick’s journey to the coaching hot seat is unconventional, but it’s not without merit. His recent podcast venture with none other than LeBron James—aptly named “Mind the Game”—has given fans a glimpse into their dynamic. The chemistry between the two suggests a shared basketball IQ and a mutual respect for the game.

JJ Redick’s Rise: From Sharpshooter to Coaching Candidate?

JJ Redick: The Unconventional Choice for Lakers Head Coach

Perhaps the most surprising element of Windhorst’s comments is the mention of JJ Redick as a potential coaching candidate. Redick, a retired sharpshooter known for his elite shooting ability, recently joined ESPN as an analyst. The notion of him transitioning from the broadcast booth to the coaching sideline is an unexpected development.

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While Redick’s basketball IQ and understanding of the game are undeniable, his lack of coaching experience raises a red flag. Would the Lakers be willing to take a gamble on a rookie head coach, especially in their current state of urgency?

Fan Backlash and Questions of Legitimacy: Can Redick Command the Locker Room?

The potential hiring of Redick as head coach would undoubtedly be met with skepticism from a portion of the Lakers fanbase. His lack of experience and potentially fiery personality could be points of concern. Leading a veteran-laden team like the Lakers requires a strong command of the locker room, a question mark surrounding Redick’s candidacy.

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