Here’s why The Godfather was warned by Ron Simmons before signing with WCW

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The Godfather (also known as Charles Wright) who is a former WWE star was one of the most talked wrestlers of his time. During the 1990s he never switched from one promotion to another. He only worked for WWF/WWE. However, it is noted that he did have a verbal agreement to sign a deal with WCW.

Ron Simmons forewarned The Godfather to go to WCW for racism

The Godfather

As mentioned earlier, The Godfather was warned by Ron Simmons that he might face the problem of racism if he would sign with the company’s rival, WCW. He said it when he had joined Scheduled for Two Falls podcast.

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However, that deal never went through and the planned role for The Godfather ended up going to Virgil, who became Vincent in WCW.

He recalled thinking he was set to join WCW to join the nWo during an interview on the

Even though Wright never spent a day signed with WCW, he spent lots of time with people who had worked for them in the past. One of those was Ron Simmons who warned him not to join WCW due to the racism he experienced. He said:

“Ron Simmons is the one that told me, ‘You don’t want to go there. You won’t fit in there. Don’t go there, it’s not the place for you. Stay where you are.

He added: “I’m a northern boy and those were all southern boys and I’m used to dealing with bikers and redneck racist dudes anyway so I have a short fuse with those dudes.He was like, ‘You’re going to hear this (racist abuse)’ and I’m like, ‘I ain’t gonna hear that.’

He said that Simmons insisted that Godfather would face racism if he went there and if he would fight he would have to fight with it everyday. Godfather said: “He said don’t go there. You’re not used to dealing with these guys.”

The Godfather earned him huge popularity and he was eventually inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame under the gimmick in 2016.

During the podcast, he recalled hearing the news he was going in and how his relationship with WWE has been since he departed the company.