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Washington Football Team to get new name and logo on Feb 2

The NFL franchise based in Washington, currently known as the Washington Football Team for the previous two seasons, are set to get a new name and franchise logo on 2nd February. They were originally known as Washington Redskins, but changed their name and logo in 2020 following much controversy and adopted the current name, although its now revealed that the present moniker will not be permanent.

Washington Wolves or RedWolves? Team President thinks otherwise

On Tuesday, Washington took to their official Twitter handle to announce that their brand new official name and logo will be revealed next month. “We’ve got an update on a popular name option, a sneak peek at the jerseys and a confirmed announcement date,” the tweet added.

There were initial rumours that WFT were set to be renamed Wolves or RedWolves, with many fans favouring the latter and to see the franchise as ‘Washington RedWolves’, but team president Jason Wright said that the Wolves name or anything relating to it would be difficult to implement due to trademarks held by other teams.

“Early on we understood Wolves — or some variation of it — was one of our fan favorites. As I’ve said all along, we take feedback from our fans seriously, and because of your interest in this name, we put Wolves on a list of options to explore fully. Once we began looking into Wolves, however, we became aware of a notable challenge: trademarks held by other teams would limit our ability to make the name our own. And without Wolves, variations like RedWolves wouldn’t have been viable either for these and other reasons,” Wright wrote on the official WFT website.

Since 1933, only a year after its establishment in 1932, the Washington Franchise had used the branding Redskins all the way up until 2020. However, the name brought many controversies, as the term ‘redskin’ is considered to be a racist and offensive term by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and several other groups of people who wanted the name to be changed.

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In 2020, following the George Floyd protests in the US, the franchise retired the Redskins name after the league sponsors Nike, FedEx, and PepsiCo were urged to cut ties with them via a letter signed by shareholders and investors, as well as many retail companies started to remove the Redskins merchandise from their outlets.


  • Washington Football Team are set to get a new name and logo on 2nd February
  • Formerly known as the Washington Redskins, the franchise adopted the current moniker in 2020 after much controversy
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