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WNBA Star Reveals What Was Like Growing Up with Steph Curry

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Cameron Brink, the talented rookie for the Los Angeles Sparks, shares a unique connection with NBA superstar Steph Curry. Before they became household names, they were childhood friends. The intertwining of their families—Sonya Curry and Michelle Bain-Brink as college roommates at Virginia Tech, and Dell Curry and Greg Brink as basketball teammates—created a lasting bond. Steph’s parents are Brink’s godparents, and vice versa.

A recent tweet by Podcast P with Paul George (@PodcastPShow) featuring a quote from Brink sheds light on their unique bond:

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“Life’s just a joy when you’re around him.” – Cameron Brink on Steph Curry @PrizePicks

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Brink’s heartwarming comment offers a glimpse into a different side of Steph Curry, the superstar.

Beyond the Three-Pointer: Steph Curry, the Fun-Loving Godbrother


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Cameron Brink, a rising star in the WNBA with the Los Angeles Sparks, has Steph Curry as a godbrother. This unique connection offers a fascinating perspective on Curry’s personality outside the spotlight.

Brink’s quote highlights Curry’s playful and joyful nature. Imagine a young Steph Curry, full of energy and theatrics, making his godsister’s childhood a constant source of amusement. These insights paint a picture of a down-to-earth Steph, someone who cherishes family and enjoys bringing laughter to those around him.

Following in Steph’s Footsteps: Inspiration on and Off the Court

Growing up around a basketball legend like Steph Curry undoubtedly had a significant impact on Cameron Brink. Witnessing Curry’s dedication, work ethic, and passion for the game could have served as a powerful source of inspiration for Brink’s own basketball aspirations.

Brink’s success in the WNBA suggests that Curry’s influence went beyond just inspiration. Perhaps Steph offered guidance and mentorship throughout her basketball journey, sharing valuable insights on the game and the mental fortitude required to compete at the highest level.

A Supportive Network: The Importance of Family in Sports

The bond between Cameron Brink and Steph Curry highlights the importance of a strong support network in the world of sports. Having a positive role model like a family member can provide invaluable encouragement and guidance, especially during challenging times.

Curry’s presence in Brink’s life likely played a crucial role in shaping her into not only a talented basketball player, but also a well-rounded individual. His playful personality might have fostered a love for the game, while his dedication and work ethic served as a blueprint for success

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