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Jayson Tatum Opens Up on Being in One of The Greatest Celtics Teams- “we Just Gotta Do it Again Next Year”

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Jayson Tatum, the talented forward for the Boston Celtics, has been making stir in the NBA. A recent tweet by Legion Hoops (@LegionHoops) captures a thought-provoking statement by Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum, regarding the team’s potential place among Celtics greats. The tweet reads:

Jayson Tatum on being on one of the greatest Celtics teams ever: ‘You guys are probably going to say we didn’t play anybody to get here… so we just gotta do it again next year.’ (via @NBCSBoston)

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This quote reveals Tatum’s awareness of the external narrative surrounding the Celtics’ success. While acknowledging their potential greatness, he anticipates skepticism and challenges the team must overcome.

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Jayson Tatum: A Scoring Machine

Jayson Tatum: A Rising Star on the Boston Celtics

Before turning 26, Tatum has already scored 11,381 points in regular-season games. Only five players have scored more points than him at this stage of their careers. What’s remarkable is that Tatum achieved this despite playing in significantly fewer games than some of the legends on that list. His scoring prowess is undeniable.

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Wins: A Key Contributor

Tatum’s impact extends beyond scoring. Since joining the Celtics in 2017, he has helped maintain a 327-168 regular season record, winning 66.06% of the games when he’s on the court. Boston has been a playoff team consistently during his tenure. Tatum’s ability to contribute to team success sets him apart.

3-Pointers: Unexpected Sharpshooter

While not known primarily as a sharpshooter, Tatum has hit 1,239 three-pointers before turning 26, more than any other player in that age group. His shooting range and accuracy have surprised opponents and fans alike. Luka Doncic may be close behind, but Tatum’s marksmanship remains impressive.

Celtics’ Talent and Jayson Tatum’s Confidence

Jayson Tatum Opens Up on Being in One of The Greatest Celtics Teams- "we Just Gotta Do it Again Next Year" - THE SPORTS ROOM

In a recent interview, Tatum expressed his belief that this year’s Celtics team is the most talented he’s been a part of. He emphasized their selflessness and the depth of talent across the roste. With Tatum leading the charge, the Celtics secured a league-best 64 wins and reached their second NBA Finals appearance in three years. His confidence in the team’s abilities is well-founded.


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