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VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 officially announced by Riot Games

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Riot Games, the publisher of the massively successful tactical FPS title VALORANT has announced the VALORANT Champions Tour, a step into the game’s competitive structure, set to be held in 2021.

Released on 2nd June this year, VALORANT quickly became one of the most prominent tactical FPS shooters of the current global esports scene. The 2-month beta before its release saw upwards of 3 million player count, as well as an astounding 470 million watch hours on Twitch during the beta period.

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Now becoming one of the most popular esports titles, rivalling even the likes of CS:GO and Riot’s another legendary title League of Legends, VALORANT is now ready to receive its first competitive structure next year in the form of “Champions Tour”.

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VALORANT enters its competitive structure next year with Champions Tour 2021

The VALORANT Champions Tour, in partnership with Red Bull and Secretlab,  will be featured across  North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia with a pyramid format competition and the champion team will be crowned at the end of 2021.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 officially announced by Riot Games - THE SPORTS ROOM
VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 will feature a pyramid structure tournament format. (Image Courtesy: Riot Games)

The tournament will have three stages- Challengers, Masters, and Champions and each stage will have its own dedicated tournaments. Participating teams will kick off their campaign through the Challengers stage and will advance to the Masters. The top 16 teams from the Masters will earn a berth for the Champions stage.

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“The Champions Tour is our next step to grow VALORANT into a global esport worthy of the passion of our fans,” said Whalen Rozelle, the Senior Director of Esports at Riot Games, “we’ve spent a couple of years now talking to players, teams, fans, prospective partners, and other stakeholders, and we’re extremely excited to launch our first official season.”

“Our focus will be on elevating and showcasing the creative and talented players who are shaping this game across the globe. Fans and players both wanted high stakes competition, and that’s what the VALORANT Champions Tour is designed to do,” Rozelle added.

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