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UFC ‘hires’ and ‘fires’ Addison Rae following backlash

Addison Rae, the TikTok superstar who claimed that she had landed a job as a journalist in none other than the UFC, now claims that the company has shown the door following the severe backlash from the fanbase.

Addison Rae: UFC journalist or just a one-time correspondence?

On 9th July, Rae shared a couple of photos on Twitter from the preliminary event of UFC 264: Poirier vs McGregor 3. Along with the photos, she added in a caption that suggested she secured a job in the mixed martial arts top drawer.

“I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment,”, Rae posted.

However, the post, which son went vial on the internet, landed her in hot water as netizens criticised Rae that being a TikTok star, she was “taking jobs away from real journalists” by studying in the field for only three months.

The post, which has now gained over 70k likes and almost 12k retweets, saw users commenting that Rae was proving how “a degree in broadcast journalism is completely worthless” and also saying that it was “disrespectful” for the hard working college students who cannot get such jobs while Rae landed such a job courtesy to her social media fame.

On the heels of the massive backlash, Rae followed up with another post, saying that UFC had now parted ways with her.

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“nvm y’all got me fired,” the 20-year-old tweeted 18 hours after the first post.

Surprisingly, it was later revealed that she was never actually hired by the UFC for any journalism work in the first place. Sources had informed E! News that Ra had done just one social activation with Dustin Poirier prior to UFC 264 as both hail from the town of Lafayette.

“She’s not, nor was she ever, a correspondent. She’ll be at the fight tonight but just as a spectator. There were never any plans for her to have any further official responsibilities,” claimed those in the know.

Rae became famous on Twitter for her dance videos. She was formerly linked with fellow social media icon Bryce Hall. She is now associated with American rapper Jack Harlow as well as Machine Gun Kelly’s guitarist Omer Fedi.


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