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UFC betting: How does it really work?

UFC fights always turn on the heat for punters, especially when big, world class athletes are confronting each other in high profile matches and titles are up for grabs. And there is nothing easily predictable in UFC fights, no matter how favorite a fighter is or how much of an underdog a fighter is considered to be in any given confrontation. Betting on UFC is not easy, but it is really interesting, exciting and it can bring a surprising twist of events, so it is important that you are very careful and conscious, when making your choices over bets offered by sportsbooks such as those listed at AllbetsTV.

UFC fights’ predictions gone wrong

There is no better example of this, than the very recent, much anticipated fight between the Nigerian-New Zealander professional Mixed Martial Artist, Israel Adesanya and the Brazilian professional fighter Alex Pereira. Adesanya was coming off strong and he was the clear favorite, with sportsbooks giving him the best chances of  winning (in fact successfully defecting his title) the MiddleWeight championship.

But what happened at this fight, on November 12 in Madison Square, came as a big surprise to many bettors. With Adesanya being offered as the most prominent upcoming winner, many bettors fell into the trap of backing the favorite. Notably, the renowned, Grammy awarded rapper Drake has lost $2million, after deciding to bet on the victory of Adesanya. Landing on the wrong side of the bet, Drake saw his pocket becoming lighter by an admittedly huge amount, when Pereira took over the Middleweight Champion.

How does UFC betting work?

But it is not only Drake that lost money to this fight. Many punters go with the flow and choose to back the favorite of a matchup, but this is not how UFC betting works.

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MMA fights generally promise tremendous betting action, however, you should not get carried away by what is trending or what appears to be the most possible outcome. UFC betting requires more careful consideration, more thoughtful approach and far less emotional wagering.

In UFC fights, there can be many surprises and this is something we’ve seen many-many times throughout the years of confrontations between favorites and underdogs. So, when you want to bet on the winner – that is money line betting – it is not safe to go with the fighter with the greater odds as these are set by the sportsbooks. Well, it is not always a good thing to bet on the favorites.

It might be the case, where because a popular fighter is set to play, he concentrates a large volume of bets and this causes the bookmakers to want to readjust. As long as there is a clear direction towards a line, it might be far more safe or it might have far greater value to bet on the other direction.

Besides refraining from chasing the favorites in UFC fights, another very important thing to consider is that all too frequently underdog champions give their best to defend their titles and they have a pretty good rate of doing it successfully. Very often, underdogs appear to thrive in the end and manage to maintain their titles, despite meeting up with popular, strong fighters that are said to have an advantage. They simply don’t want to lose their belts and in many cases – much more than you actually think – this works!

Finally, one other thing to take into consideration is that stats show rematches playing out more or less the same as the first fight between the two opponents. In rematches, the winner of the initial fight typically has way more chances of winning again, according to UFC record statistics. Though it is usually the case, it is not the rule and you shouldn’t go about backing the first fight’s winner every time there is a rematch.

Overall, UFC betting has some clichés, which need to be phased out from any bettor’s considerations. When betting on UFC, you should not get carried away by what is trending, but you should definitely do your own research, read the players, read their past performance and previous meetings -if any, read the general stats and of course make an informed judgment before placing your money.

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