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Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Fighters in MMA

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Big tournaments in mixed martial arts are not always held between men. There may also be women who show no less spectacular fights. It is interesting to follow such tournaments. In this article, we will talk about the prettiest female fighters in MMA.

Valerie Loureda

Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Fighters in MMA - THE SPORTS ROOMThe future mixed martial arts star now has excellent performance statistics. She won 4 out of 5 matches. Since childhood, she has been practicing taekwondo, which gave her an excellent base. Her parents brought the girl to the big sport and did everything for her to fulfil herself in it.

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The girl is only 24 years old, but she already has an interesting and spectacular career behind her, as well as incredible beauty. Yes, she maintains her blog on Instagram, but, according to her, the main thing is to leave a legacy behind, which means that she will have a great future in battles.

We should also point out that right now almost every bookmaker accepts bets on women’s fights. One of the most notable ones is Ivi Bet and we should expect more bets on upcoming fights.

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Aleksandra Albu

Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Fighters in MMA - THE SPORTS ROOMYes, there are not many girls from Russia in the UFC. The first was Aleksandra Albu. She is not only professionally engaged in combat sports, but also conducts coaching activities. Unfortunately, her contract with the UFC was terminated, but this does not mean that we will not see her again in the octagon in other promotions.

Alexandra wins attention not only with her performances but also with her beauty. The girl has a large fan base who appreciate her appearance. No wonder, she is one of the most followed fighters on Instagram.

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Paige VanZant

Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Fighters in MMA - THE SPORTS ROOMMore than 2.8 million followers on Instagram and incredible success in the UFC – Paige VanZant has it all. She is very beautiful but no less formidable. During her career, she managed to hold 13 fights, 8 of which were completed with the victory of the girl. Yes, the last time she entered the octagon was in July 2020 and lost by submission, but most likely, she will return in the near future to make herself known. She is only 26 years old, so this is just the beginning of her career.

Paige has always been touted as the most beautiful girl in MMA. With her desire to fight more, she will be able to win a lot of people’s hearts.

Mackenzie Dern

Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Fighters in MMA - THE SPORTS ROOMA sweet face and incredible strength – all this is about Mackenzie Dern. This is an active athlete who has been performing in MMA since 2016. She had 14 fights and won 12 times. Her next fight will take place in 2023 probably as part of UFC Fight Night. So every viewer will be able to see this stunning (in every sense of the word) girl in the near future. By the way, now she has a series of 5 victories in 6 matches so she has great motivation to continue on her way to the title.

Mackenzie had her last fight in April 2022, winning it. She will definitely be a favorite against many female fighters.

Anastasia Yankova

Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Fighters in MMA - THE SPORTS ROOMModel and mixed style fighter – is it compatible? Yes, which Anastasia Yankova proves to us. She did not reach the world fame of a UFC fighter, but she had quite spectacular fights in other promotions. Besides the girl is the champion of Russia in Thai boxing.

If we talk about Russian women in mixed martial arts, then Anastasia Yankova is definitely one of the most famous. Everyone in Bellator knew about her, so even now it is very interesting to follow her life.

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