Tony Khan reveals how AEW Rampage will be a huge hit and great success

tony khan rampage
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AEW President Tony Khan has come up with some massive surprises for the AEW fans over the past few months. The promotion has been providing the fans with some extraordinary content recently and needless to say, they have much more in store. With AEW Rampage set to premiere this Friday, the promotion has major plans chalked out already.

Tony Khan opens up on the impact of AEW Rampage

tony khan rampage

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Tony Khan and co. has certainly changed the landscape of wrestling since the inception of AEW back in 2019. They have gradually come with several shows, the flagship show being AEW Dynamite. While they have also formed AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation, which features the established stars of the wrestling world and also the youngsters.

The latest addition to the list is AEW Rampage which will air its first edition this Friday. In his weekly appearance on Busted Open Radio, AEW President Tony Khan talked about the launch of AEW Rampage this Friday in Pittsburgh.

He believes that the talents will get much more time and opportunity with the emergence of ‘Rampage’. He assured the fans that it will be star-studded similar to the other shows. Khan said:

“I really, really am happy that they’re promoting it… Really, I think with two shows it’s going to provide more opportunities, more upward mobility. But it’s still going to be a star-driven show, Rampage, just like Dynamite is a star-driven show.”

He added: “And I think what Elevation and Dark have given us the ability to do is develop stars and get them TV ready. Now there’s more TV real estate for everyone to work towards getting in there and fighting for.”

It seems Khan could not be happier to be launching the show, as well as WarnerMedia’s strong promotion of the show going in. He believes in the long run the show will be a big success and great for AEW and its talent.

Tony Khan is happy how Rampage is being promoted

Khan said that TNT is happy with how Rampage is tracking already. He said: “I think they think it’s going to be a huge hit.”

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AEW Rampage: The First Dance has also been promoted and it will take place on August 20 in Chicago, which is likely to be the place where CM Punk could make his return to pro-wrestling.