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Former Patriots LB James Harrison Reveals How Tom Brady Was as a teammate- ” I wanted to hate this dude”

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James Harrison, a former linebacker for the New England Patriots, recently shared his unexpected perspective on playing alongside Tom Brady. As a fierce competitor who faced Brady on the field for many years, Harrison’s initial feelings were far from admiration. However, his experience as Brady’s teammate revealed a side of the legendary quarterback that changed his perception entirely.

This is evident in a recent Twitter post by Carlos Talks Pats (@LosTalksPats) featuring former teammate James Harrison’s reflections on Brady:

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Former Patriots LB James Harrison on Tom Brady as a teammate:

“When I got there, Cam I wanted to hate this dude. First dude I meet, ‘Hey man I’m Tom Brady’ — like I don’t know who the hell you are…

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“He’s too nice, he’s too good, he likes everyone. Like he’s the first one to see… the practice squad guy that they sign…”

“I’m sitting back watching for like a week or two. Then I finally told him… ‘Yo, I ain’t gonna lie to you man, I wanted to hate you. But now, I see why everybody loves you.’ You can’t hate that dude… If you know him personally and worked with him and you played with him. Like he genuinely cares about everybody.”

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Harrison’s honest account provides a glimpse into the human side of Tom Brady’s leadership and its impact on his teammates.

When Harrison joined the Patriots, he had preconceived notions about Brady. In his own words, he “wanted to hate this dude with a passion.” But fate had other plans. Their first encounter was straightforward: “Hey man, I’m Tom Brady,” Brady said, introducing himself. Harrison’s response? A mix of skepticism and indifference. After all, how could he not recognize the iconic quarterback?

Tom Brady: The Ultimate Teammate


As days turned into weeks, Harrison observed Brady closely. What he witnessed surprised him. Brady’s kindness, humility, and genuine care for everyone around him stood out. Whether interacting with star players or practice squad members, Brady treated everyone with respect. He was the first to acknowledge the newly signed practice squad guy, making them feel like an essential part of the team.


Harrison’s initial resentment subsided with time. Brady’s kindness wasn’t a ruse, he understood; it was genuine. The quarterback was off the field a man dedicated to perfection. Harrison was compelled to acknowledge Brady’s integrity and the beneficial influence he provided to the team as a whole.

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