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Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration Sues Ryan Garcia for Defamation Over Drink Safety Claims

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Logan Paul’s energy drink company, Prime Hydration, has taken legal action against professional boxer Ryan Garcia. The lawsuit alleges defamation stemming from Garcia’s social media posts that cast doubt on the safety and ingredients of Prime Hydration.

According to MMA Fighting (@MMAFighting), Logan Paul has filed a legal complaint against fellow internet personality and boxer Ryan Garcia. The lawsuit reportedly centers around their respective endorsements for competing hydration drinks.

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This development adds another layer of drama to the already-contentious relationship between the two fighters.

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The Controversy

Ryan Garcia, known for his outspoken nature on social media, made several damaging remarks about Prime Hydration. Among them, he claimed that the drink contained a banned substance and even went so far as to say it “makes fish cry.” Additionally, Garcia asserted that Prime Hydration could be “f–king you up”. These statements not only tarnished the brand’s reputation but also raised concerns among consumers.

Prime Hydration’s Response


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In response to Garcia’s allegations, Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration filed a defamation lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. The company contends that Garcia’s false claims have harmed its brand image and misled consumers. Prime Hydration, which boasts over $1 billion in sales last year, is the fastest-rising hydration product on the market. The legal battle aims to set the record straight and protect the brand’s integrity.

The Importance of Verifying Information

This case underscores the significance of verifying information before making public statements. Social media platforms allow instant communication, but misinformation can spread rapidly. Consumers rely on accurate information to make informed choices, especially when it comes to health and wellness products. Prime Hydration’s lawsuit serves as a reminder that false claims can have serious consequences for businesses.

Changing the Narrative


Logan Paul said that Prime Hydration is “under attack” in his Instagram post about the matter. For attention to detail, he presented the lawsuit as an attempt to rewrite history and punish those responsible for harming the brand accountable. Paul praised Prime for their original ideas and robust flavors, expressing trust in their innovative approach to hydration.


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