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The 2021 NFL Draft: Where Are the Top Quarterbacks Now?

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The 2021 NFL Draft was a pivotal moment for football enthusiasts, as it marked the arrival of fresh talent onto the grand stage. Among the most captivating storylines were the quarterbacks—those signal-callers who hold the fate of their franchises in their hands

The 2021 NFL Draft was a quarterback-centric affair, with five quarterbacks selected in the first round. However, a recent tweet by NFL Rumors (@nflrums) paints a surprising picture of how much the landscape has changed in just two years:

2021 #NFL Draft

  1. #Jaguars Trevor Lawrence
  2. #Jets Zach Wilson – will be traded or released
  3. #49ers Trey Lance – Traded to the #Cowboys
  4. #Bears Justin Fields -Traded to #Steelers
  5. #Patriots Mac Jones – Traded to the #Jaguars
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According to the tweet, all but one quarterback from that highly touted draft class has been dealt with or is rumoured to be on the trading block/likely released. Let’s delve deeper into this unexpected turn of events.

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The NFL Draft Day Buzz

As the clock ticked down in Cleveland, the anticipation was palpable. Five quarterbacks emerged from the shadows, each carrying the hopes of their respective teams:

  1. Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville Jaguars): The golden boy, the generational talent. Lawrence was destined for the Jaguars, and they wasted no time securing their future.
  2. Zach Wilson (New York Jets): The Jets, perennially seeking a savior, placed their faith in Wilson. But whispers of trades and releases loomed over his head.
  3. Trey Lance (San Francisco 49ers): The 49ers made a bold move, trading up to snag Lance. Yet destiny had other plans—a detour to Dallas awaited him.
  4. Justin Fields (Chicago Bears): Fields, the electrifying playmaker, found himself in a whirlwind. Traded to the Steelers, he carried the hopes of two cities on his shoulders.
  5. Mac Jones (New England Patriots): The Patriots, masters of strategy, orchestrated a trade with the Jaguars. Jones, once bound for Jacksonville, now donned the Patriots’ colours.

Amidst the chaos, one quarterback stood firm. Trevor Lawrence, with his flowing locks and laser arm, remained untouched by trade winds. The Jaguars knew they had a gem—a franchise cornerstone. And so, Lawrence would be the exception. He would stay put, wearing teal and black, ready to rewrite Jacksonville’s football narrative.

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As the dust settled, the 2021 NFL draft etched its legacy. Eight quarterbacks in the first three rounds—a record. Alabama’s crimson tide flowed into the NFL, while the Big 12 Conference sat silent. Michigan State, too, watched from the sidelines.

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