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Stephen Curry aims to prolong his career like NFL legend Tom Brady

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is seeking a long career in the NBA and has even reportedly spoken to Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady about this. The point guard hopes to emulate the durability and extend his time in the league. 

Stephen Curry aims to prolong his career like NFL legend Tom Brady

Tom Brady, who is now 43 years old and entering his 22nd NFL season has set high standards of maintaining performance with age. The quarterback has won seven rings in total, with six coming with his time in New England while the seventh one coming with his new franchise.

Curry spoke about how Brady used to take two years at a time once he entered his mid-thirties and believes the key is to stay mentally and physically sharp. While speaking to NBC Sports Bay Area, Curry said:

“Absolutely. I’ve actually talked to him, personally, about this. “He’s at the point now where he can look back and talk about that with some authority and experience.

“But even he said, in the moment, when he was in his early-30s, mid-30s, late-30s, it was always, ‘I think I’ve still got two more years in me. Stay. Do everything I can to sustain yourself and stay physically and mentally sharp,’” added Curry about Brady. “‘And then you look up and you’re saying that again, saying it the next two years. And you’re saying it again.’”

Stephen Curry almost led the Warriors to the playoffs

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Curry is currently 33 years old and heads into his 13th NBA season. He made his debut for the Warriors as a rookie back in 2009.

The point guard has definitely not let age affect him so far after having one of the most prolific scoring seasons in his career last time around. He recorded the most three-pointers and even won the scoring title along with two consecutive player of the month awards for the first time.

His exploits, were, however, not enough for the Warriors to make it into the playoffs. They were undone in the play-in tournament courtesy of the Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies to miss out on the postseason for the second year running.

With the return of Klay Thompson, Curry would hope for the Warriors to surge towards a title and potentially add a fourth ring in his resume.

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