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Joseph Schooling and Quah Zheng Wen to start their national service

Singaporean swimmers Joseph Schooling and Quah Zheng Wen to enlist soon. Their deferments ended on August 31. Pre-enlistment procedures re yet to take place after which both of them will be drafted to the army.


“As their deferment until 31 August 2021 has ended, both Mr Schooling and Mr Quah will proceed to fulfil their NS obligations, as agreed to when they applied for deferment said the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).”

Both the swimmers applied for a deferment, Joseph applied for it on 2014 whereas Quah has been on a deferment since 2015.

The Singaporean Government does not allow such longtime deferment to individuals except those who showcase exceptional performances on international levels are deemed to be champions.

The Singaporean government agreed to a deferment till the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games but since the marquee event was postponed the Singaporean government took the decision to extend their deferment period.

“As previously explained in Parliament, such deferment from full-time NS is granted very selectively for exceptional sportsmen assessed to be potential medal winners at international competitions like the Olympic Games and who are able to bring national pride to Singapore.”

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Joseph set a new Olympic record at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He earned a gold medal at the 100m butterfly event.

Joseph made a statement regarding his enlistment. He is ready to be drafted into the army to serve his nation.

“As a son of Singapore, I am honoured to serve my country. More importantly, now more than ever, my family needs me. It is time for me to fulfil my filial duties. Without a doubt, I would not have achieved the results I’ve had without deferring my national service.”

In the 2016 edition of the Olympics, Quah failed to quality for the finals at the 100m and 200m butterfly event.

Quah mentioned that enlistment has always been a part of his plan. He had planned his future keeping that in mind.

“Looking ahead, my plans remain the same – to continue to compete at the international stage and fly the Singapore flag high”, Quah feels extremely grateful to MINDEF and MCCY for the deferment, “I am always thankful for the opportunity to represent Singapore – whether it is through enlisting or swimming.”


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