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Sasha Banks wants to take over Vince McMahon’s position in WWE

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Sasha Banks is one of the most accomplished women in WWE history. But it seems that the dreams she looks to achieve is not limited to them. She has larger goals, including taking over the spot which Vince McMahon resides at.

Sasha Banks

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Banks, while speaking to Stephanie Chase, says that she wants to eventually become a shareholder of WWE, then perhaps even attempt to take over Vince’s job. One of her dreams is to become a general manager, the boss of a company, and earn billions. Being a Grand Slam Champion, she says, is nowhere near the top of her dreamworld.

“To be a shareholder in the WWE, maybe take over Vince’s job. It’s a dream of mine to be a general manager, make billions. There’s just so much more to do. In WWE, you can absolutely be anything and everything, so my goals are not stopping here just because I’m the Grand Slam Champion,” Banks says.

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When asked if winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship is as special to her as winning the Raw Women’s Championship or the Women’s Tag Team Championhip, Banks replies in the affirmative, calling Smackdown a favourite show of hers, where all her favourites wrestled when she was younger. Smackdown, she says, is the show she has always wanted to be at.

To be the champion of such a show is indeed special to her, and ‘The Legit Boss’ does not mind taking the glory from her frenemy in Bayley. She has a lot of plans for the championship and wants to make the Smackdown Women’s Championship the most special and talked about of its kind.

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“Yes! It was because SmackDown has always been one of my favorite shows. It’s where my favorites where I grew up watching them on, and I always wanted to be on SmackDown,” she says.

“To be the SmackDown Women’s Champion and to definitely take it from someone I did respect at one point in Bayley has been amazing. I just have a lot of plans for this title as well…just wanting it to be the most prestigious and most talked about title in the company.”


Speaking about Total Divas, a show where she has never been a cast member, Banks says that she never finds the show a suitable environment for her.  While she believes the show is a good thing for the WWE universe, she does not want to be a part of reality TV.

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