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Roman Reigns names the WWE superstar capable enough to replace him

The reigning WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has named a current WWE star who he believes to be capable enough to take his spot someday.

Roman Reigns


“The Head Of The Table” recently appeared at Cheap Heat, where he was asked about a star potentially taking his spot in the WWE hierarchy. Reigns started off by noting that there was no one capable of such a task, but then went on to name “The Scottish Terminator” Drew McIntyre. However, he called him a number two, symbolising him as the undisputed numero uno Superstar in the current WWE landscape.

Reigns went on to mention that they are a lot of number two and number threes in the roster, but he would never try to put a proper ranking on them as the only fact that matters is his stature as the number one superstar in the company. The others are far, far under him and he cannot fathom how far under they are. At this point, however, his favourite is Drew McIntyre.

“There ain’t nobody. I could say my favorite number two, Drew. He’s my favorite number two. There’s a bunch of number two’s, three’s, whatever you want to call it. We can we can rank them. It really don’t matter. They’re under me. How far under? Who knows? Who really cares? How strong of a number two do you want to be? At this point, my favorite is Drew McIntyre,” Reigns said.


In a perfect world, he would have been the person Reigns would like to pass the torch to, not unlike how “The Franchise Player” John Cena passed the torch to him. Cena, of course, is highly rumoured to face Reigns at the upcoming edition of WWE Summerslam.

While McIntyre has captivated his attention, Reigns has no intention to lift his anchor off the ground as he feels the flag is fully thrust in and he is going to reign in the immediate future. Eventually he too would need someone to carry over the role as he did when John Cena needed some rest, but that point is too far in the future.

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“So in a perfect world, if there was an opportunity to pass the torch to him, he’s the one guy that has captivated my attention in that manner, but at the same time, he ain’t there, and it’s only because I’m still here, so solid within my stronghold. The flag is fully planted in, so I can’t even think about it now, but John needed somebody to come in so he could move on and try new things and take care of his body. I will eventually need that, but there’s just no nobody at this point,” Reigns said.


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