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Dwayne Johnson’s Father & WWE HoF Rocky Johnson Had 5 Children In Secret- Who Have Just Come Across One Another

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The five unknown half-siblings, Lisa Purves, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles, and Aron Fowler, all have recently found out that all of them were fathered by the late Rocky Johnson, father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and WWE Hall of Famer, who passed away in 2020.

Tragically at no time, Johnson had played an important role in the lives of any of the children he fathered out of wedlock. Talking to Sports Illustrated, the pentad has unfolded their individual journey of life, although nobody had a relationship with Rocky, who had Curtis and Wanda with his first wife Una, and then Dwayne with Ata Maivia. The stories of the siblings are saddening as all of them grew up with single mothers having lived almost in poverty.

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Rocky Johnson fathered five children in secret, who all grew up with single mothers and in extreme poverty

WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson passes away | WWE
Image Courtesy: WWE

During his rise to popularity, Dwayne Johnson labeled his relationship with Wayde “Rocky” Bowles as absurdly complex, even though his father had been present throughout his childhood.

Recently, Lisa Purves shared with SI that when she contacted her father for the first time she was 18, Rocky hung up on her and continued to do the same for several years even though she tried again and again. Reaching out to other wrestlers about her father also went in vain.

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At first, the 53-year-old filmmaker Lisa wanted to produce a movie about children whose parents had purposefully detached from them and in the long run, she was induced to make the documentary about herself.

Paula, 58, also tried to call Rocky when she was young and later at the age of 16, but they never made contact. She said: “We just want to be recognized. We sat on the back burner forever. [Rocky] was our dad just as well as Dwayne’s.”

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Simultaneously, Trevor, 55, found out about Rocky’s brother and former tag team partner Ricky Johnson who agreed to a DNA test that assured Ricky as Trevor’s uncle. “I hugged him and told him I loved him and welcomed him to the family,” said Ricky.

Likewise Aaron, 52 decided to take a DNA test in 2020. Both of them look similar to Dwayne. Adrian and Lisa happened to match as half-siblings as per DNA as well. Ricky molded a homogenous bond with Adrian Bowles, 52, who found him on Facebook in 2014, and Paula in 2019 respectively.

Lisa found a photo of Ricky online while working on her documentary project and decided to get in touch to which her uncle responded “right away”, she revealed, “He reached out right away, and we talked and I cried, and he cried. And then he told me about Paula, Trevor and Adrian. So I reached out to all three of them. This all happened in one day. I was excited – what a day!”

Ricky said had no condition regarding his nephews and nieces. “I keep reinforcing that I love them,” the 68-year-old confessed, “I tell them that all the time, all the kids.” [H/T Sports Illustrated]

The Toronto reunion (minus Aaron), from left: Paula, Ricky, Jeanie, Adrian, Lisa and Trevor.
All five secret children of Rocky Johnson, along with their uncle Ricky. From left: Paula, Ricky, Jeanie, Adrian, Lisa and Trevor. (Image Courtesy: Lisa Purves/Sports Illustrated)
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