Rob Van Dam hurls back at ‘too old’ remarks from fans

Rob Van Dam
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Rob Van Dam, the former WWE star who will be celebrating his 50th birthday in this month, definitely did not look like much old during his last appearance in Impact Wrestling. Apparently, he looked ‘old’ in a picture and fans expressed their shock on social media. 

Fans call Rob Van Dam ‘too old’

Rob Van Dam

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The former WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam’s picture started circulating on social media. In that image, he looked quite old and fans are not familiar with that sight.

One of the fans was disheartened witnessing the star has aged pretty fast and tweeted that the star is getting old and childhood is fading.

He wrote, “RVD getting older and older by the day. Childhood is fading away.”

Rob Van Dam hurls back at 'too old' remarks from fans - THE SPORTS ROOM

Another fan wrote, “I thought this was a joke at first I didn’t realize it was actually RVD.”

Rob Van Dam reacts to the Tweets

But, a fan went onto reveal and clarified that ‘The Whole F’n Show’ is currently shooting a movie and the reason for sporting that look in that image is for the same.

He wrote: “It’s for a movie he’s doing. He’s suppose to look messed up.”

After reading the Tweet, the former ECW star was quick to respond to the fans’ Tweets.

RVD came up with sarcasm and wrote, “Uh oh. You’re going to hurt some people’s brains by adding thought to the equation.”

Check out all the Tweets below:

RVD is busy on his project, “A Pro Rasslin’ Movie: The Legend of Dirty Ron, Stoner Clown” and it was for this movie that the star was seen in that avatar. The movie is set to be released in 2021.

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Rob Van Dam | WWE

RVD has been a successful pro-wrestler and many fans might know him because of his high-flying moves and his great athleticism in the squared circle. But, it is mention-worthy that he has had a long career as an actor as well.

He has tasted success from his time to time stints in different wrestling promotions and is regarded as one of the best pro-wrestlers in history.

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