Booker T reckons the signing of Sting in AEW is for nostalgia purposes

Booker T
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Booker T, the former WWE star talked about AEW’s latest signing of the veteran wrestler, Sting. During his Hall of Fame podcast, he discussed what could be the possible reason for the signing of ‘The Icon’.

Booker T shares his thoughts on Sting having a potential bout

Booker T

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During the podcast, Booker T said that the newest member of AEW did not get the opportunity of a proper farewell from WWE.

He had previously foreseen the signing of Sting with AEW after his legends contract expired with WWE.

The six-time World Champion spoke about the age-factor of Sting and whether he will be able to compete inside the squared circle.

Booker said, “He’s 61 and it’s a young man’s game.[That said] How you gonna tell a man that he can’t go out there and do it no more? Or that he ain’t got the juice? It’s like with Mike Tyson’s return recently [albeit in an exhibition match].”

Details on how AEW plans to use Sting | Wrestling News

He added, “We don’t know how his body is feeling. Sometimes, people just want to roll the dice and say, ‘I want to do it my way.'”

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Booker T compares his WWE stint with Sting’s run in the company

Unlike Booker T’s run, Sting’s WWE career was shortened after he suffered an injury being in a bout against Seth Rollins.

The WWE Hall of Famer explained that he had a great career in WWE but Sting, who had the potential to go big in the company ended up having a brief run and did not last long.

Seth Rollins vs. Sting - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: photos | WWE

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion said, “When I came into WWE, I had an extensive run. I had a whole other career [after my WCW run]. But when Sting came over, it was brief. It felt like the run ended even before it started.”

He said that Sting could have had a ‘ton of a career in WWE’ if the injury did not happen and that is certainly not the way he wants to hang up his boots.

Booker T said, “And now, lord behold, AEW comes along and he has the chance to do that [go out properly], perhaps with Cody Rhodes or Darby Allin.

Sting is set to speak on the next Wednesday’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

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