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Rey Mysterio speaks about Undertaker, Royal Rumble

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Rey Mysterio appeared on a recent episode of WWE Bump during their “rumble royalty” segment, and a topic discussed was his experience of working a match with The Undertaker.

Rey Mysterio


Mysterio spoke about his World Heavyweight Championship match against The Undertaker. He said that he was ecstatic to enter the ring and work a match with The Undertaker, whom he respected for the sheer amount of achievements he had managed to reach in the pro-wrestling industry. He added that he felt truly proud and blessed to share the ring with “The Deadman.”

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“I was ecstatic, man. To be able to step into the ring with Taker… my most respect for what he’s accomplished in this industry. I truly felt blessed and honored to share the ring with The Undertaker,” he commented.

Mysterio added that he got to share the ring with The Undertaker several times after the above-mentioned World Heavyweight Championship match, and he managed to learn something new in every moment he shared the ring with him. He added that he enjoyed every moment of it.

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“It was several times after this that I got to share the ring with him. And every time and every moment I was there, I learned, and I enjoyed every second of it,” he said.


Mysterio also discussed his iconic victory in the 2006 Royal Rumble, not long after the demise of Eddie Guerrero. When asked his strategy on winning the Royal Rumble from a difficult position at number two, he said that when he entered the ring, he said to himself that he could pull it off.

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Mid-match, he realized that the best way to stay in the ring was to stay busy, and duck and cover whenever the situation called for it. Therefore, according to him, one cannot enter the 30-man match with a strategy, but has to go along the flow and devise strategies in the middle of the match.

“That didn’t really hit until mid-match when my strategy was to stay busy when I needed to and when I needed to duck and cover, I did the same thing. So, you can’t really go in there with a strategy. You have to wing it as you go,” he said.

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