Rey Mysterio opens up on how the Seth Rollins feud has impacted his family

Rey Mysterio
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Rey Mysterio, the WWE veteran star discussed the turmoil in his family on WWE’s The Bump show. He claims that he is facing this due to the fellow Friday Night SmackDown star, Seth Rollins.

Rey Mysterio talks about the family problems

Rey Mysterio and his family members have been heavily involved in the feud with Seth Rollins. The feud between Mysterio Family and Seth Rollins had taken a personal turn few months back.

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Rey Mysterio

But situation worsened and got complicated after the budding relationship between, Seth Rollins’ former disciple, Murphy and Rey Mysterio’s daughter, Aalyah. This has triggered more problems in the Mysterio family.

During the interview, Rey Mysterio said that the discussions of the feud among the family members does not remain confined at WWE Thunderdome as it has badly affected the family. The only way to curb the matter is putting an end to the feud with Rollins for good.

Rey Mysterio said, “Well, it’s been hard for us. We’ve had little bits of discussions. Believe it or not, we come back home and this topic doesn’t just stay at the Amway Center every week. It comes back home with us, and we discuss this and we try to figure out what the best solution is.”

Rey Mysterio opens up on how the Seth Rollins feud has impacted his family - THE SPORTS ROOM

He added, “I think the only solution for all of this is to finally put an end to it, with Seth [Rollins], first and foremost, and then move on to Murphy.”

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Aalyah and Murphy have developed a love relationship between which has made the Rey and Dominik Mysterio furious. The cracks in the family have started to show. But, during the interview, Rey revealed that all the members share a great relationship but this feud has caused them to fall apart a bit.

He said, “You know, we’ve always had a great relationship. We communicate a lot, but for some reason, this has separated us a little bit. Things are still on the edge. They haven’t been completely clear; I just don’t understand why she’s not opening up to me.”

Rey Mysterio opens up on how the Seth Rollins feud has impacted his family - THE SPORTS ROOM

On the latest episode of SmackDown, a segment saw Murphy wanting to apologize to Rey and Dominik but Seth Rollins interrupted him.

The father-son duo intervened as they attacked Seth Rollins and Murphy. When Rey went for a 619 on Murphy, Aalyah saved him. The couple ended up embracing, with Dominik and Rey watching the sight from the stage.

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