3 Reasons why huge CM Punk-Jon Moxley showdown looks imminent for AEW All Out

cm punk jon moxley
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The former WWE star CM Punk has been heavily teased to make his highly-anticipated debut in All Elite Wrestling(AEW). This would mark his return to pro-wrestling after a wait of seven long years since he departed WWE. Now, the fans are waiting for ‘The Second City Saint’ to make his presence felt in AEW, a company that has taken the wrestling market by storm since its inception in 2019. CM Punk is slated to make his AEW debut at Rampage: The First Dance.

Now, the question remains who will CM Punk face after he possibly goes ‘All Elite’? It is likely that Darby Allin, who seemingly challenged “The Best in The World,” could be his opponent upon his arrival. But what next for Punk after facing Allin? Yes, Jon Moxley could square off against Punk.

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Here we will list the potential reasons why Jon Moxley could be the one to face Punk at AEW All Out:


#1 Jon Moxley possibly without an opponent for All Out

3 Reasons why huge CM Punk-Jon Moxley showdown looks imminent for AEW All Out - THE SPORTS ROOM


It was previously noted that Jon Moxley could face IWGP United States Championship Hiroshi Tanahashi at ‘All Out’ for the title reports stated that Moxley asked AEW President Tony Khan for a match against the Japanese legend.

Tanahashi will defend his title against Kota Ibushi at Wrestle Grand Slam. The point of discussion here is that the NJPW event goes down on September 4th in Japan, just a day before All Out on September 5th in Chicago.

So thereby, it seems unlikely that Tanahashi will compete in two major matches in different continents just a day apart from the other. Especially considering how long it takes to travel from Japan to the USA, chances of The Ace making it to Chicago on time are narrow.

Thereby, the potential huge debutant in AEW, CM Punk could be the opponent for Jon Moxley at All Out.

#2 A fresh matchup for the fans

AEW undoubtedly makes some creative matches that are unique. As noted, the AEW roster is filled with former WWE stars and Punk has also faced some of them during his stint in WWE.

Chris Jericho was one of Punk’s arch-rivals, while Paul Wight(The Big Show in WWE) was also involved in a feud with Punk. Stars like Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes have also squared off with the former WWE Champion.

3 Reasons why huge CM Punk-Jon Moxley showdown looks imminent for AEW All Out - THE SPORTS ROOM

Though the former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has faced CM Punk it was back in the day when he was working as Dean Ambrose in WWE, it is to be noted that he had wrestled with a different gimmick but after he revamped his gimmick as Jon Moxley in AEW, he is completely a different man, who is more ruthless and aggressive, something Punk has not faced in years. Thereby, we could some series of unique and memorable matches between them.

#3 Jon Moxley and CM Punk could produce an enticing storyline

cm punk jon moxley

As exciting as it sounds, Moxley and CM Punk are two of the biggest names in pro-wrestling history. Their storyline not only seems exciting on paper but it could also lead to becoming one of the most alluring feuds in AEW.

Moxley and Punk share a similar past in terms of leaving WWE. The former left the company back in 2019, while the latter parted ways in 2014. They could certainly use the reference of their time in WWE and the fans could witness an amazing storyline between the two former WWE stars.

As of now all eyes will be on AEW Rampage: The First Dance this Friday as the fans will remain fingers-crossed for the much-awaited debut of CM Punk.