10 COVID cases in Brazil football club cause match suspension

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The Global Pandemic of Covid-19 has disrupted all the activities around the world. It has made a mark on world of football as well. Brazil has already passed the mark of 100,000 deaths due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and recorded more than 3 million cases.

Image Courtesy: rawpixel

Match in Brazil National football league postponed

10 members of the Brazilian side,Goias were detected as covid positive. They were scheduled to face Sao Paulo FC but the match got postponed in the eleventh hour.

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The club claimed,previously tests were done on Thursday but Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) deemed invalid due to “improperly packaged”. New tests were carried out on Friday and the results came out to be positive.

The president of the CBF’s medical commission, Jorge Pagura said, “As soon as it was clear that the results came out, that Goias had 10 players with a positive test, we started to contact the Goias medical department.”

“Goias requested, as is its right, to do a counter-test. We awaited the results.

“In order not to lose the game we waited the maximum amount of time. Near the time to make the decision came the result of the 10 positives. At that time, health comes first.”

The Brazilian league was already 3 months behind schedule. The match was supposed to be played closed door without fans,same as implemented in football competitions in the other continents.

Superior Sports Court for Football decided to defer the match and the decision was accepted by Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

It was last minute call by the court. Sao Paulo players had started to warm up before the match as per schedule

Marcelo Almeida,Goias President explained, “Ten of our 23 players tested positive. Unfortunately, we only received the results today.”

8 players among the 10 covid positive players were in the starting XI. Opponent, Sao Paulo FC favoured the decision of postponement and addressed on Twitter that “Sao Paulo expresses its support and informs that it is in agreement with the decision to postpone the game this Sunday, in Goiania.There is nothing more important, at this time, than preserving health and reflecting to society the important of taking care.”

Fans are hoping that circumstances improve and wishes players speedy recovery.

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