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OnlyFans Star Courtney Clenney, 26, Arrested In Hawaii; Charged With Murdering Boyfriend

Courtney Clenney, a 26-year-old model, and influencer who goes by the name Courtney Tailor on OnlyFans and other social media platforms has been arrested in Hawaii after being charged with the murder of her boyfriend.

Back in April, Courtney Clenney made headlines after stabbing her 27-year-old boyfriend Christian Obumseli at their luxury apartment in Miami. Clenney had dialed 911 after stabbing Obumseli with a blade, who later died at a local hospital.

According to her attorney Frank Prieto, the OnlyFans model was currently undergoing rehab in Hawaii for substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, and PTSD when she was taken into custody and is currently awaiting extradition to Florida, where she is to be charged with second-degree murder.

“I’m completely shocked, especially since we were cooperating with the investigation and offered to voluntarily surrender her if she were charged,” Prieto told Miami Herald, “We look forward to clearing her name in court.”

Courtney Clenney’s attorney claims she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense

Clenney, who has 2 million followers on Instagram, had been with Obumseli for nearly two years- a relationship that was far from smooth. They had separated multiple times and only recently, started to live together at the One Paraiso building located in the ritzy Edgewater neighborhood in Miami. Since then, there had been several domestic disturbance complaints by staff members.

There have been mixed responses about the entire situation, with fingers pointed at both Clenney and Obumseli for being the abuser. Ashley Vaughn, a friend close to the couple, had informed Local 10 than they had seen Clenney hit Obumseli, but not the other way around.

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“We’ve seen her hit him. I’ve never seen him hit her,” said Vaughn, “From what we’ve personally experienced between the both of them, we believe that Christian wouldn’t put her in a position where she would need to stab him to protect herself.” 

On the other hand, a neighbor claimed that a week before the stabbing, they had seen Obumseli physically abusing Clenney. “I could not tell if it was open-handed or closed-handed, but he was swinging at her,” said the neighbor.

On 3rd April, around 5 in the eve, Clenney called 911 to report the stabbing of her boyfriend. At that time, her attorney Prieto claimed that she attacked in self-defense after Obumseli, who was stalking her for many weeks, grabbed her by the throat.

“As Courtney struggles with the pain of being a survivor of domestic violence and the aftermath of the events that evening, we ask that the community and Christian’s family allow the police and the State to conduct their independent investigation of the events,” said Prieto back in April, “This is a tragedy for all involved but it was not criminal conduct; Courtney was defending herself and the investigation will reveal exactly that.” [H/T New York Post]

A video, obtained by TMZ following the stabbing incident, showed Clenney in handcuffs and a bloodied bra.

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