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Dhanush Reveals He Was Injured 1 Week Before “The Gray Man” Shoot

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Renowned Indian actor Dhanush, who plays the role of an assassin named Avik San in the 2022 movie The Gray Man, said during a recent interview that he had sprained his neck only a week prior to the shoot of the Netflix action drama.

They found a way to make me fit for the stunt sequence: Dhanush

Dhanush is looking forward to the release of The Gray Man and has shared his experience of shooting the action sequences in the movie directed by the Russo Brothers. and features an ensemble cast featuring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana De Armas.

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Inquisitively fans are waiting for the big screen magic as the ‘Shamitabh’ actor would be seen eclipsing in the film with several nail-biting sequences. The Kolaveri D star is set to recapitulate his role with a sequel in the works.

Ryan Gosling, however, insists that Dhanush is the real star of the flick. In an interview with The Quint, Gosling revealed that the most reshot scene in the movie is a fight sequence between the two men but his Indian co-actor performed it like an ace.

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“We are very excited to have Dhanush in the film,” said Gosling, “He is incredible. He is a great actor and has such an amazing presence on screen. He is so precise, he never made a mistake. We shot this fight sequence and we reshot it multiple times. It underwent so many different incarnations. Dhanush never made a mistake, and it seemed inhuman. He is so funny and charming. The biggest difficulty was pretending to be enemies, because I just liked him so much.”

However, it has also come to be known that the 39-year-old filmed some of the movie while carrying a neck injury which the actor sustained just a week prior to the shoot.

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“It’s funny. Just one week before the shoot, I sprained my neck,” Dhanus said during a conference in LA ahead of the film release, “So, a month and a half were spent training, and then one week before we start filming, I sprained it and was like ‘What am I going to do?!’ The physio had just a week’s time to get me ready to match Ana’s speed [laughs]. But somehow, they found a way to make me fit for the stunt sequence.”

“I had a great time understanding how Hollywood works,” he went on, “I’ve done about 50 films – 22 years of work in the Indian film industry. You often don’t get the chance to feel like a newcomer. The first time, it all happens in a blur. You don’t realize what’s happening. This time, I had an opportunity to look at myself like a newcomer. It was really amazing.” [H/T Republic News]

Following the announcement of the sequel, Dhanush hinted about his return which is final in an Instagram post. “The Gray Man universe is expanding and the sequel is coming…Lone Wolf is ready, are you?” he captioned the post.


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